The most entertaining devices of childhood
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2018-05-08 16:42:40
shikewei    2018-05-08 16:46:22

Is your childhood happy? Where is your happiest place in your childhood? I think that the place where we were most eager to go in our childhood should be a playground because there are lots of fun children’s playground equipment. We all know that there are many amusement facilities in the amusement park. With the renewal of the times, what are the more trendy and fun games in the current playground, and what game devices have been maintained from your childhood until now?

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom and dad often went to an amusement park to play with a carousel. Every time I would choose to sit and go around and then play other games with my mom and dad, the reason I liked it was very simple, just because After sitting on it for a week, I can still see my closest person still waiting for me. This makes me feel safe and warm.

12-seat jolly trolley happy train kiddle ride

There is also a recreational facility that I remember deeply. It is a bumper car. But I didn't dare to play every time. When I was a child, I was afraid of pain. So I only tried to play it once. When the two cars collide, there will be current sensing, and then you will feel a current through your body, hemp. It's a bit sad but it's a little irritating. This game is more suitable for children who like to challenge, girls may be more resistant to it.

The current gaming facilities are more advanced and their safety performance is relatively high. At present, there are a lot of amusement facilities in many amusement parks. They are called doll machines. This machine is controlled by a button inside the machine hook, put down and grab the doll and then slowly pull up. Because the dolls inside the doll are cute, many girls like it. Naturally, most of the spending on this game is a girl.

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