How to identify the amusement machine
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2018-05-07 11:15:31
shikewei    2018-05-07 11:20:34

With more and more amusement machines nowadays, how do you face so many game machines? What are the other important points?

Monster eye arcade shooting games machine

First, the use of clarification

(1) Look at the range of practical years. Toys that are as common as they are used to clarify the practical age of the toy in the Mid-Urban City can be purchased on the basis of the children's annual events. The significance of this is twofold: First, children's playground equipment is planned for children in the year; secondly, children who are not in this year's event are harmful by using the product. 

(2) Look at the quiet warning. Some harm-producing factories implied by toys will make warnings through warning signs. If you open the package, please donate it immediately. Non-life-saving supplies can only be used in shallow water and are not used for children under 3 years old. When purchasing and using toys, you must carefully read the warning signs to prevent the misuse of toy damage. 

(3) See useful dates. Some products are designated for use during their useful life and can prevent the use of overdue products. 

(4) Look at utilization methods. Large toys, such as children's bicycles, walkers, computer learning machines, etc., should be carefully approached and elaborated. This should be carefully scrutinized in the purchase. 

(5) Look at the assembly pace diagram. Assembling toy paradoxes should be assembled by adults or assembled by children.

II. Rejecting the “No Product” According to the demarcation of the “Quality Law”, all products produced and sold in the country should be marked with the name of the factory, the site of the factory, and the pass pass, and the sample Chinese characters should be used for identification. The entrance child play method should also be explained by the use of Chinese toys. The use of toys clarifies that there is a lot of information about the product and should be read carefully. Rejecting three non-products, when pursuing children's playground equipment, it is necessary to clarify the use of children's playground equipment to clarify whether or not examples are available.

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