Notice of the purchase of video equipment
Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,LTD
2018-05-05 16:26:01
shikewei    2018-05-05 16:33:31

Purchase video game equipment process:

Telephone consultation - determine a good want to buy - determine the good price - 30% deposit - production - commissioning - logistics - goods to inspection - pay the balance - to pull the machine away

We will follow up at any time during the logistics delivery. We will notify you when the machine arrives at your place. Please wait patiently during the shipment.

Transformers human alliance video shoot machine

The promise of Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd - video game equipment manufacturers:

1. We bring customers not the most expensive, nor the cheapest, but what we give to our customers is the best product for you.

2. We solve the most important problem of the customer with the fastest speed. Do our utmost to meet the needs of our customers and always think from the perspective of our customers.

3. We guarantee the quality of each batch of video game equipment. We carefully inspect each machine before shipment to ensure the quality of shipments.

4. Since the receipt of the product non-human factors can enjoy one year warranty / lifetime free maintenance and other services.

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