How to disinfect children's play equipment
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2018-06-08 10:41:51
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The systematic cleaning and maintenance of children's playground equipment is in fact a complete view of safety hazards. For children, safety is a priority. Children's playground equipment hopes that children can develop intelligence in their colleagues. Healthy and safe play. Here's how to help you sterilize amusement equipment.

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 1. All large-scale children's playground equipment, open-air slides, and drill-pipes should not have accumulated water after the rain. If there is any, a hole with a diameter of 4 mm should be drilled at the lowest point.

 2, for those plastic parts and glass fiber, we can use soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleach and other diluted immersion, gently wipe with a soft cloth or soft brush, then rinse clean with water, dry with a clean cloth or dry . Finally spray some 84 disinfectant.

 3, moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, do not fade the wooden part, can be washed with soap bubbles and dried, and then disinfected with 84 disinfectant spray

 4. The soft sponge part of large-scale children's playground equipment can be washed with a soft cloth and soapy water.

Children's playground equipment

 5, for indoor children's playground equipment, daily ultraviolet light disinfection, indoor ventilation should be often. Disinfect once a week with hydrogen peroxide.

 6, on the metal parts of large-scale children's playground equipment, if you need to rust, you can use a brush to brush floating rust, wipe with a dry cloth.

 7. When the electrical parts of the circuit are clean, first of all make sure that the power is turned off and water is prohibited. Usually wipe with a damp cloth, and then connect the power supply after it has dried.

 8, on the large-scale children's playground equipment disinfection at the same time, we must also look at some of the connection is not solid, metal parts of the frequent activities of refueling, circuit electrical and general components are not damaged, can not leave spikes and other security risks.

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