What should we pay attention to when opening a children's playground in a mall?
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2018-06-20 15:57:42
shikewei    2018-06-20 16:00:30

Today, many investors have taken a fancy to the Children's Paradise project. So how about opening a children's playground in a shopping mall? As we all know, there is a large traffic flow in the mall. If the children's playground can be opened in shopping malls, the flow of children's playgrounds will be guaranteed. However, there are still some problems that investors need to pay attention to when opening a children's playground in a shopping mall. The following happy Harleland children's playgrounds are just some of the things to pay attention to when opening a children's playground in a mall.

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1. First, you need to communicate with the mall management office to see if there is a suitable location.

2. The height of the children's playground floor is required for fire protection. Children's playgrounds can be operated from the first floor to the third floor. There are hidden fire hazards on the third floor and above. Therefore, it is best not to choose high-level (fourth floor and above) and negative ones in the mall.

3. Communication with shopping malls should pay attention to the following matters: before the signing of the contract, the decoration period, rent-free period, rent-free payment method, area measurement, public rental, property, utilities, heating, air-conditioning, rent, contract period, rent increase, A few payments, entry fees, facade advertising, internal advertising space, middle-aged celebrations, anniversary, event promotion methods, whether it can be sub-leased, whether it can be transferred, whether business content can be changed, and whether the owner assists in the Tax fire, if the opening time delay how compensation.

The above three points are the issues we need to pay attention when we open a children's playground in a shopping mall, especially the third point. Many people are not very clear. Once we ignore these issues, there will be many problems in the later business process. Necessary loss and trouble, so I hope you can master this knowledge.

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