How to Prevent Children's Amusement Equipment from Wearing
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2018-06-05 16:32:01
shikewei    2018-06-05 16:34:08

Nowadays, there are many parts of children's amusement equipment that are often worn out during operation. However, of course, this situation should be promptly maintained and maintained to avoid potential safety hazards. The wear and tear of these children's playground equipment is very severe. How can we prevent children's playground equipment from being worn out? According to the following 24 years of business experience, Henan Shiqi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends the following preventive measures for you:

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1, the installation of precision. Reasonable installation is also very important. If there are errors in the installation of components between children's entertainment facilities, it will easily lead to the occurrence of wear phenomena.

2, good lubrication. For the parts of children's playground equipment, zero is required to be well lubricated so that the occurrence of wear phenomena can be reduced;

3, the degree of cleanliness. The level of cleanliness of children's recreational facilities is also very important. If the level of cleanliness of children's recreational facilities is relatively low, then it will also cause wear and tear due to pollution.

 Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the above points, we can reduce the wear and tear of amusement equipment in the process of running, so as to effectively extend the life of children's amusement facilities.

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