Video game city equipment stand in the Internet outlet
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2018-06-04 10:14:53
shikewei    2018-06-04 10:18:07

In the entire industry chain of the video game city, the video game city equipment is the terminal link of all equipment, and the front-end product security is no matter how good it is, and if there are any omissions in the operation link, it is no good. And the standard system just in this area is not perfect at present.

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The company is mainly to provide video game equipment for each main scenic spot and amusement video game city. It is this marketing mode that makes the company's development more clear, and who will not make money, but how to ensure safety is the most important for video game city equipment. In the past, although the industry had national standards and industry-recommended standards, it was too late. Nowadays, an innovative standard for the company itself is urgently needed.

With the disruptive innovation and application of networks in the video game equipment industry, traditional standards have been difficult to cover the rapid development of the industry, and there is room for improvement in this related standard customization revision. This is exactly the original intention of the video game equipment initiating construction standards. .

This point of view has been deeply endorsed by people in the industry. Xihua is very important at all branches. In the past, the construction of theme parks was often a planning enterprise and landlord negotiating. The goal was world-class paradise style, but after planning, it was found that too much investment had to be cut. In the end, investment has become a non-descriptive solution; construction companies continue to squeeze costs in order to win the bid and often need to invest more funds to make up for it in the later period. This is because the links needed for operations are not refined.

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