How to fine-tune operation and management of video games city?
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2018-09-26 11:37:35
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The diversification of social development has spawned many "newcomers" in the industry. In recent years, the development of the video game industry has become increasingly powerful, and the video game city has been unknowingly interspersed into our daily lives. This is obvious to us. As the management of the video game city lags behind other industries, some people who are interested in the development of this industry have been smashing, the difficulty in solving the management of the video game city, the details of the power-playing city, and the method of making the venue quickly hot. It has become the biggest headache for many operators.

How to fine-tune operation and management of video games city?

First, understand the store

1. Investing in a store is the first step for many people to successfully conduct business. 

The section of the store is also very particular, not the wider the road, the better the operating environment. A good location does not necessarily lead to a good business, but if there is no good location, then your business is definitely much more difficult than others. For some entrepreneurs who have experience in opening a store, the job of site selection has always been the focus of shop preparation.

2. Preparation work in the early stage of the opening

The feasibility analysis of the beginning of the video game venue, mainly analyzes the necessity of opening, license analysis, market analysis, feasibility of preparation, investment estimation, investment return analysis, social relations, and uncertainty factors. Only after weighing these conditions can you get a correct analysis report and decide whether to build or not.

3, video game city to determine the promotion theme

Think about the theme of the promotion, this theme should be consistent with the brand positioning and market positioning of the video game city, attractive, as far as possible not the same as before, but also think about whether it can attract players, can really bring them benefits, can Whether to serve the purpose of this promotion, etc.

4. Promotional activities need to have three elements: entertainment, popularity, and sales increase.

Providing high-quality entertainment, promotional activities should be fun, both to attract popularity, but also to produce practical benefits, "let the good things sell better." The pre-publication was consistent in terms of caliber, and it was important to highlight the propaganda activities, and more attention should be paid to the implementation of the propaganda activities.

With the improvement of people's living standards, video games are very common in people's lives. For those who operate video game equipment, what measures should be taken to operate in order to have a place in the competition?

Second, how to operate efficiently and promote

Video games and ordinary store sales have similar aspects, but the video game city is greatly influenced by the policy. Players are generally young people and have a special side. This makes "the efficient operation and promotion of video games city" become a problem that the terminal venue has been thinking hard and hard to understand. The following is an analysis of the video game industry, as well as the marketing of video game city, for the reference of the industry.

Third, the benefits of the video game industry

The state's support for the game industry is growing, and the policy gives the industry a lot of support; with the improvement of people's living standards, consumption development is constantly upgrading, more people like to go to the video game city; the current game machine technology content is increasing High, technology components make it gradually merge with high-tech enterprises; industry people constantly change people's impression that gaming games hall is gaming, and gradually more people recognize and accept video game city; video game industry is a new industry in China. It is a sunrise industry and there are many potential expansion opportunities.

How to fine-tune operation and management of video games city?

Fourth, the game industry's confusion and obstacles

There are policy restrictions across the country, industry standards are not clear and clear, and some regulations have certain conflicts; policies in different regions are different, and the operating standards of video games cities vary from country to country; the concept of urban consumers at different levels of economic development is different. The development of video game cities in different cities is subject to varying degrees of restrictions; the increasing variety of entertainment consumption methods, product diversification; in the current rent, employee wages and other costs only increase, the increase of the video game city Operating pressure; individual revenue-receiving machines are subject to policy restrictions, limiting the profit of the terminal site. The development trend of video game industry In the future, the video game industry will develop towards branding, chain operation, fine management, new business thinking, new technology application and diversified profits.

Brand development requires companies to grow bigger and have their own characteristics. In the same environment, you can run faster than your opponent, and you can make yourself invincible. So how do you do better than your opponent and run faster? This requires differentiated competition and the formation of its own characteristics. The chain operation has lower procurement cost than the general video game city, the brand effect is good, the procurement supply chain is complete, and the digestion ability of the machine is also stronger. In addition, many venues have developed to a certain extent and found that the management of the venue can not keep up. This requires a clear division of labor for the management team, while adopting new thinking and using new management software to allow the venue to operate in an orderly manner. At the same time, in addition to the consistent profitability of the video game city, as far as possible to find other ways of profit, diversified profit methods can help the venue to make more profit.

V. Four key points of competitiveness

1. The stability and change of the game console

To ensure the stability of the quality of the game machine, the player can not be faulty in the process of playing, check the machine regularly, see if the machine is running normally, whether the appearance of the machine is damaged, and whether it is safe, etc.; The decoration layout needs to be changed, and the adjustments are made at regular intervals, so that the player does not have aesthetic fatigue.

How to fine-tune operation and management of video games city?

2. Service standardization

The service is divided into four levels. The first is the basic service, that is, the customer smiles and the work efficiency is high. Secondly, the service level in the store is stable, the waiter can not affect the customer's service because of his own preference; once again, it provides more than the player's imagination. Service, let him have surprises; finally, the touch-sensitive service, let the players become a loyal fan of the store, will not easily abandon you.

3, environmental comfort

From the player's feelings, according to their aesthetics to design and decorate the video game city, from the ceiling to the store's promotional posters, from the placement of the machine to the comfort of the seat, etc. should be done according to their thinking, let them I feel the environment is very comfortable.

4, marketing means

Every store needs to find ways to market, and whose marketing means is stronger, it is easier to win in the market competition.

6. Promotion of video game city

1, purchase gift

Such as: 1 yuan a coin, a one-time purchase of 20 yuan, you can give five coins (discount 80%); 1 yuan a coin, a one-time purchase of 50 yuan, you can give 20 coins (a discount of about 71%); 1 yuan One coin, one-time purchase of 100 yuan, can give 60 coins (about 66% discount).

2, points gift

According to the customer's consumption, a consumption card of the size of the business card can be formulated to record the amount of the customer's consumption each time; such a card should set a time limit, similar to half a year, one year, one quarter, etc.; for example: according to 1 yuan The principle of accumulating one point, if the consumption points reach 1000 points, you can give a special gift worth 100 yuan in a certain video game city. 

3, gift promotion

Gifts, game cards, etc. in the video game city can also be discounted at different times. Through the wide-scale sale of the special gifts of this video game city, on the one hand, it reflects the cultural characteristics of this video game city, on the other hand, it is through consumers. Expand the propaganda of the video game city.

4. Sweepstakes

Celebrate the May Fourth Youth Day, Labor Day, celebrate Christmas, Spring Festival, etc. (a one-time purchase of 30 yuan can be drawn once, 50 yuan twice, 100 yuan three times, up to three draws). With the help of the holiday economy, consumption can be greatly stimulated.

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