Be the head of the children's park inside and outside, and become the best helm
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2018-09-26 11:32:49
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The good-looking skin is the same, and the interesting soul picks one. As the helm of the store, the head of the children's park is indispensable in the children's playground. The head of the children's park, both inside and outside, will bring a steady stream of passengers and revenue to the children's playground. However, how can we become a manager of both internal and external repairs? The following tips, we may wish to refer to the reference!

Be the head of the children's park inside and outside, and become the best helm

The inner quality of the children's park manager who is both internal and external

1, a sense of belonging

Treat the store as part of your life and use the willingness to treat the manager’s affairs as a favorite thing. If you take over, you should go all out.

2, positive attitude

The store manager is the leader of the entire team, must have a positive attitude and infect subordinates. For example, smiling, not complaining, not blaming.

3, team awareness

The children's paradise is a big family, and the store manager is like a parent. The clerk has to be connected with the teacher, treat the same, do not specialize, care for the clerk, and give full play to the strengths of the staff to maximize the benefits of the team.

4, decisive

Being indecisive as a leader can make the team confused, so the director of the Children's Park must quickly analyze the problem and make decisions when making decisions. A clear vision and quick thinking will help employees improve their sense of belonging.

Be the head of the children's park inside and outside, and become the best helm

The internal management knowledge of the park that the manager of the children's playground, both internal and external, should master

1. Strict discipline and lead by example

Clearly define the work objectives, code of conduct, work discipline, job responsibilities and other rules and regulations set by the children's park, follow the example by example, and continue to guide the staff, so that employees have clear thinking and correct behavior, keep the spirit full, and let the park full of upright!

2. Improve the environment and awaken innocence

Children's parks are different from other shops, and must be hygienic, creative, distinctive, and childlike in terms of the environment. Therefore, as the store manager should maintain the paradise environment, convey the love thoughts to the employees, explain the meaning of the paradise environment, and let the employees maintain a childlike heart, so as to better communicate with the children.

3, sincere communication, harmonious unity

The manager of the children's park should do a good job in daily management, treat each employee as a friend sincerely, such as caring for the life of the employees, understanding their work status, listening to their work confusion, collecting their suggestions for the park. Wait, and discuss the solution with them in a timely and sincere manner. It is also necessary to make clear rewards and punishments, and usually have more meals with employees, and strive to build a harmonious and united atmosphere, and constantly improve the collective spirit and cohesiveness of the team.

4. Equipment maintenance, guarantee operation

For children's paradise, equipment maintenance is a key point! In daily management, the store manager should continuously transmit equipment maintenance skills, adhere to the maintenance work of amusement equipment and water and electricity facilities, and formulate monthly work schedules, and gradually implement them in time. To ensure the normal operation of the park.

5. Strengthen training and comprehensive development

The store manager should hold large-scale training work on a regular basis, such as health management training for children's playgrounds, park safety training, early education knowledge training, etc. In addition, individual training should be done for each employee, so that employees can do their jobs and work hard. Give full play to the advantages of the park staff and maintain a good working order in the park.

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External business skills that should be mastered by the manager of the children's playground, both internal and external

1, suitable for display, attract customers

Inside and outside the children's playground, there are some interesting hand-made works for children, such as clay figurines left by children playing in the park, hand-painted paintings, etc. The childish and weird “Kids” handicrafts will definitely attract the attention of parents! Some of the park's accompanying products, such as children's toys, can be placed to attract children to play. When placing, you should also make full use of the space in the yard to disperse customer traffic.

2, gather parents, strengthen friendship

In the store management, the store manager should constantly improve the member information and the customer settings of the loyal customers, and do a good job in record management. Try to know each parent, capture their psychology, teach parenting knowledge in good faith, meet the reasonable requirements of parents and children, strengthen communication between paradise and consumers, and gradually establish long-term friendship, according to parents' suggestions and opinions, appropriate Make adjustments to form a stable customer base.

3. Hold events to increase popularity

The store manager should regularly hold project games, competitions, etc. to enhance the fun of children's play, create a warm atmosphere in the park, let the children deeply remember the happy hours in the park, and the pride of their honor when they receive the prizes. Thus "let the children love, parents trust!"

4. Appropriate publicity and reputation

Choose the appropriate section of publicity, such as community, kindergarten, plaza and other places where parents and children often go to do targeted publicity to attract target customers. In addition, we must also publicize on the Internet, expand the visibility in the society, gradually improve the reputation on the basis of honest management, and constantly establish a good social image.

Be the head of the children's park inside and outside, and become the best helm

The head of the children's park can be a person, but not everyone can be a good child park manager. Perhaps, some people are now thinking about how to become a manager of a children's playground both inside and outside; perhaps, some people are already on the way to becoming a good child park manager. Then, continue to cheer!

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