Four elements of the success value of the theme park to help you summarize
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2018-09-25 16:18:34
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Almost everyone knows Disney World. For most Americans, like many international visitors, they want or have the fantasy world in the theme that Disney advocates. It has the standards of the most popular theme parks in the world. In short, it shows that the theme park must have the theme element, which is a feature that a successful theme park should have.

Four elements of the success value of the theme park to help you summarize

1. How do you attract visitors of all ages from all walks of life? Theme parks are often considered to be the most important thing to focus on the entertainment experience of children or children. This is a very real problem, but whether it is a theme park or a small person, this is a wrong assumption. If parents or grandparents don't like to come here, they won't give their children more chances to come to the theme park next year. The key to the success of a theme park is to make people of all ages happy. Gentle recreational facilities are essential for children, but for older children and adults, they also require amazing recreational facilities. Theme parks require different age groups to adapt to different areas. For example, the cartoon city of Disney World is only suitable for children, while Happy Island is an adult playground.

Four elements of the success value of the theme park to help you summarize

2. Geographical location and weather conditions are clearly an important part of the success of theme parks. Theme parks need to gather a large number of tourists, and various facilities are also visited by tourists. If the theme park is too far away, or the traffic is inconvenient, or too far from the main airport, this is not a good aspect of the theme park to promote tourism development. Not only is the location very important, but climate is also an important consideration. Not surprisingly, the most successful theme parks in the United States are located in Florida and southern California, where the climate is mild throughout the year. However, if the theme park is in a cold winter area, there will be limited seasonal operations.

3, many entertainment elements theme park survival and death stems from its service quality. Some projects require large-scale updates, such as Space Mountain, while others require final retirement because they will gradually lose interest in attracting the public. A successful theme park must have a permanent and memorable entertainment program, and visitors are eager to ride over and over again. At the same time, some inclusive projects are needed and the scalability needs to be very strong. In addition, it is important that a project should have a large narrative element, and the only experience that visitors can experience is a sense of substitution. It's all about mobilizing the feelings of visitors, creating random results, adding memorable background music, and maybe something that makes entertainment a success.

Four elements of the success value of the theme park to help you summarize

4, the successful theme park - Shenzhen theme park, and the amusement park is the difference between the theme of the setting and planning. The facilities and games of Shenzhen Lele Amusement Park are just a gathering effect. The theme parks are designed to bring visitors into a different world, allowing visitors to experience a truly exciting journey. Shenzhen Lele Amusement Park, do this. Careful planning of this theme is the key to their success.

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