How to buy some new children's playground equipment for kids club?
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2018-09-23 14:25:36
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In the twinkling of an eye, it is also the National Day of Mid-Autumn Festival. Before the upcoming two festivals, not only the children's amusement equipment manufacturers, but also the operators of the children's playgrounds have been dispatched. Everyone is prepared to pass the two legal holidays. Some special ways to attract customers and retain customers can balance the revenue gap in the park during the peak season, and secondly, attract new customers to the children's playground and increase the revenue of children's parks.

How to buy some new children's playground equipment for kids club?

With the rapid development of children's formats and the growing variety of children's play equipment, how can park operators choose the quality equipment that is not only of high quality, suitable, but also eye-catching in the vast sea of children's play equipment?

First of all, let's take a look at the places that need to pay attention to the selection of amusement equipment in children's parks.

1. Modeling of amusement equipment

For children, the beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract them. The first impression is very important. Children's paradise should give customers a good impression in the first time, so that visitors can become your customers. In addition, the shape of the amusement equipment has a certain meaning, and people will become your stable source of customers because of special meanings, such as certain equipment and good luck.

How to buy some new children's playground equipment for kids club?

2. Selection of amusement equipment

Choosing amusement equipment, the price/performance ratio must be considered. In short, the same price, the more people can play the equipment, the higher the price/performance ratio, and the more cost-effective products can win the children's favorite. To choose fun and fun equipment, a single amusement device often does not arouse the children's interest in play, and fun and fun play equipment will keep the children happy.

3, the size of the amusement equipment

In the course of business operation, the park operator does not choose amusement equipment first. Instead, it must first evaluate its own conditions, and consider the amount of investment, the size of the site, and the overall theme of the venue to select suitable amusement equipment. When choosing a children's playground equipment, it is very important to proceed from your own reality. Do not appear to be under-funded and free to purchase and place other equipment because of excessive purchase price or oversized equipment.

4, the quality of amusement equipment

High-quality children's play equipment can ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment. Secondly, it can also avoid accidents to a certain extent. The child's self-protection awareness is very weak and the resistance is very weak. Therefore, be sure to play while playing. There will be no problems with the amusement equipment. Otherwise, not only will the safety of the child not be guaranteed, but the mood of the customer's play will also be affected, and the income of the natural park will also suffer.

How to buy some new children's playground equipment for kids club?

The choice of children's playground equipment requires five major factors to consider:

1, the source of the device

Now the Naughty Fort Children's Park is very popular. Naturally, the children's play equipment manufacturers are also getting more and more, and they all want to get a piece of it. However, there are also many manufacturers who are trying to fish in the water and try to get more illegal benefits. This is the most exciting. Hateful. In the children's play equipment industry, some naughty children's play equipment manufacturers do not hesitate to sacrifice quality to fight the price war, the quality of these products is not guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing children's play equipment, investors must figure out the source of the equipment and put safety and quality first.

2, the scalability of the device

When purchasing children's playground equipment, we must consider the children's popularity of children's play equipment. After all, children's play equipment mainly serves children. Children's emotional expression is very direct. If you like it, you don't like it. . Therefore, investors can do a market survey before purchasing, and then decide which children's play equipment to buy, with the survey data as a guide, I believe that these devices will soon capture the hearts of children and parents.

3. Today's homogenized children's play equipment is everywhere, and consumers have long experienced aesthetic fatigue.

At this time, if the selected amusement equipment can be distinctive, such as attracting the eyes of children and parents in terms of color and play, then it will be more popular. In general, children's play equipment manufacturers are exclusive custom gaming equipment.

How to buy some new children's playground equipment for kids club?

4, the operability of the device

Originally, the indoor children's amusement park is a place to improve the child's hands-on ability. If the newly added amusement equipment is complicated, this is contrary to the original intention of the indoor children's park. Therefore, we must consider the operability of the indoor children's playground equipment. This way the child can have fun. In today's highly competitive children's paradise market, it is necessary to continuously improve and enhance the characteristics of its own products and improve its service quality, thereby attracting more consumers and winning more profits. .

Buying amusement park equipment for children's playgrounds, not only pay attention to the price of the products, the quality and safety of the products, the attraction of the novel and unique amusement equipment to children, and the value that can be brought to the children besides happiness, etc. factor.

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