[Show it for you] What kind of playground will be the next round of new trends
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[Show it for you] What kind of playground will be the next round of new trends

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With the growth of social economy and the improvement of the cultural level, parents generally recognize that children's outdoor leisure and tourism can help children to recognize the world and perceive the society, which helps children's IQ and emotional intelligence. Therefore, in recent years, outdoor parent-child leisure has come. The hotter the child, the leisurely products of parent-child are endless. However, the current research on children's paradise in China is relatively lagging. Its function is mainly leisure. It ignores the different personality traits of children and lacks guidance for parents. It is still weak in early childhood personality intervention.

Although there are certain problems, the domestic children's market has been rapidly developed. The future development direction is the laying and operation of professional equipment for children in the community, as well as the matching of professional children's pavilions or urban children's professional parks. This paper puts forward the idea of leisure and amusement park for the status quo of domestic early childhood education market, and believes that the development of children's leisure and amusement park should be guided by the government, and the enterprise will innovate to jointly promote the development of the domestic early childhood education market.

The development status of children's playground

Children's paradise generally refers to a special public green space that is located in a residential area or near a school and has a complete set of security facilities for children and children to play, entertain, sports, and conduct science education and cultural activities. Children's paradise is one of the most important external spaces for children's activities and children's growth. Its existence and utilization rate is a practical manifestation of urban social harmony and the government's concern for people's livelihood.

Children's parks can be divided into theme parks, children's parks in comprehensive parks, children's parks (specialized parks), children's activity areas in public green areas, and children's activity areas in residential areas. They have different land use requirements, different activities and space organization, and complement and complement the green space and green space functions in their respective areas.

In the 19th century, some countries in Europe and the United States set up children's game equipment in the park, opening up children's activity venues. The children's paradise of the 20th century became a type of urban park. After that, the children's paradise was set up in the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, and the former Soviet Union.

The domestic children's park started late. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, children's play areas were more commonly set up in some large urban parks, but the facilities were relatively simple. The children's activity area in the residential area was set in the real estate in the 1990s. Only after the development has been paid attention to. The Harbin Children's Park, which was built in 1953 and named in 1956, was the earlier one. After that, with the awareness of early childhood education, the number of children's playgrounds has increased year by year. Since 2012, China has added more than 1,000 amusement parks every year. As of now, there are more than 1,300 children's parks in Beijing alone.

Some well-known children's parks at home and abroad (Source: Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

(1) Current status of foreign children's parks

Foreign children's parks are much more mature than domestic children's parks, with more complete management and more diverse themes. For example, the Harry Potter Theme Park, designed in accordance with the contents of the Harry Potter book, has attracted fans from all over the world to come and see. Children's playgrounds abroad are not only themes but also regularly update some activities to keep them fresh. For example, Disneyland, backed by a powerful film company, in addition to the original Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other images, every new movie will have new characters to join the park, such as the "Frozen" theme activities, children can wear The clothes of the Princess Prince went on a tour together with the characters in the movie. Coupled with the constant evolution of Disneyland's hardware and software, it will become an important attraction for tourists to Los Angeles. The Disney Resort and Recreation Area includes Disneyland, Disney California Adventure Park and 3 resort hotels. The park has 8 unique theme areas, including Adventure World, Future World, Fairytale Castle, Western Wilderness Times, and Mickey Cartoon City. The unique theme area not only meets the needs of children's leisure and entertainment, but also appeals to parents, enabling parents to learn together with their children.

(II) Current status of domestic children's parks

China's amusement industry has undergone a process of copying from the original to the full innovation. After entering the 21st century, with the development of the economy and the improvement of educational awareness, amusement parks have gradually entered the people's field of vision, and together with children in the leisure and entertainment to grow together become the common aspiration of parents. With the rise of the early childhood education market, many large and medium-sized enterprises have swarmed into the children's play market, such as Wanda Group and Xinglong Group. At present, domestic children's parks can be divided into the following categories:

1. Popular science children's playground

The popular science amusement park is designed for children over 7 years old. The rides are mainly based on popular science education. The interactive elements are added to the popular science equipment, which has aroused children's interest in science. For example, Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park uses scene creation methods to reproduce the unique living environment of the Mesozoic, so that the Chinese Dinosaur Museum breaks through the concept of traditional museums and becomes a powerful modern dinosaur with a collection of museums, science, appreciation, amusement and participation. The museum is a highly popular tourist destination and a highly popular science education base.

2. Adventure Children's Park

The Adventure Children's Park is designed for children over the age of 3, and through the design of challenging projects, children can develop brave and tenacious personality in entertainment. For example, Beijing Adventurer Children's Paradise is a new type of comprehensive and extremely strong children's paradise. It is designed for children to enjoy drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, etc. It is mainly suitable for trying to expand the experience. - 16-year-old children and adolescents. The park is conducive to giving full play to the children's vitality and imagination. While having fun, the body is exercised, which is conducive to enhancing the psychological qualities of children who are eager to win, unwilling to lag behind, and brave to explore, so that children can grow healthier and happy. At the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children's brave personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities to achieve the role of physical fitness, brain and brain.


[Show it for you] What kind of playground will be the next round of new trends

Source: Enterprise Wing Network

3. Education and music children's playground

Designed with the concept of children learning in play, by designing some educational projects, children can gain knowledge while playing, and achieve the goal of learning the game. For example, Wuhan Wanda Children's Paradise is the flagship store of Wanda's first children's park. The children's paradise is mainly for children and family families of 3-12 years old. It has more than 30 large-scale technology experience equipments and more than 100 parent-child interactive games, as well as educational and entertaining theme experience spaces and parent-child creative restaurants. Let the children enjoy happiness and enjoy learning while playing, while strengthening their body, promoting development, and strengthening interaction and communication between children.

4. Professional experience children's playground

Children's paradise in the occupational experience category, which has a wide variety of items and varied content, and can develop different projects for different characteristics of children of different ages. The main purpose is to let children experience some rules of the adult workplace in a specific environment. Children participate in the work, experience the life of adults in entertainment, and learn social knowledge in participation. For example, the Xile City Children's Professional Experience Park is based on children's experience and children's play, combined with the use of big data, to record the growth of children. It combines children's experience with children's play, and plays an adult role in all walks of life, letting children understand the society, cultivate ideals, and plan for the future of emerging industries.

Although there are a large number of children's parks in China and they are developing rapidly, there are still certain problems in their development. Domestic large and medium-sized urban indoor children's parks have similar structure and high substituteability. They do not need to develop and produce themselves, so they can take over or join. Because of the lack of innovation, the attraction is not high, and most children's parks face a situation of sustained losses and unable to make ends meet. In the case that market demand is not yet fully mature, blindly copying foreign models, too many children's paradise of the same type, the market competition is very fierce. In addition, the current price of children's park tickets on the market is between 150-180 yuan, which is relatively high in terms of the income level of Chinese residents, making it difficult to achieve long-term experience.

 Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park

Source: Changzhou Zhonghua Dinosaur Park official website

Countermeasures and Suggestions

At present, although the domestic early childhood education market has achieved rapid development, it is mainly based on children's leisure, and has not yet paid attention to the cultivation of children's cognitive ability and non-cognitive ability. This article proposes the construction of a children's character paradise - Children's Leisure and Puzzle Park:

>>>>1. Children's Leisure Puzzle Park - Character Park Function Area 

The character park function area is mainly developed for children's different personality traits. The open personality mainly sets up some projects that can stimulate children's imagination, such as children's hand-made; the responsibility is to cultivate children's courage and perseverance, etc. Some expeditionary projects; extroverted to develop children's interpersonal skills, can set up some cooperative completion projects; emotional stability mainly cultivates children's psychological quality, enhances children's self-identity, by affirming children's performance, let children live in Teaching the feelings of self-fulfillment in pleasure; pleasantness mainly affects children's sympathy, empathy, cooperation and competition, and can develop children's abilities through professional experience projects.

>>>>2. Children's Leisure Puzzle Park - Dream Park Function Area

The functional area of the Dreamland is mainly based on the ability to train children, and it can play an important role in enlightening the children's future career. For professors, scientists, and senior managers, cognitive ability is more important than non-cognitive ability. This functional area mainly predicts the child's future career, enhances the child's professional skills through the role of social roles, predicts the child's cognitive ability, and allows the child to recognize the direction of their interest and the career they want to pursue in the future.

>>>>3. Children's Leisure Puzzle Park - Parent-child Paradise

Studies have shown that parental involvement can have an impact on children's cognitive and non-cognitive skills. However, at present, parents are unable to accompany their children because of their busy work, and because they do not know enough about their children, they cannot master effective early intervention methods. This functional area is designed primarily for this situation, through expert training, to teach parents how to think about children, how to influence children's ability at an early stage. In addition, the functional area will also set up some educational and entertaining projects to promote the harmonious development of parent-child relationship through parent-child cooperation.


Wanda amusement park

Source: Wanda official website

From a practical point of view, the purpose of the enterprise is to obtain economic benefits. As long as it can generate economic value, the enterprise will not consider the function of the children's playground. Therefore, the character park still faces many problems in the process of practice. Domestic children's parks are mainly based on shopping malls or community children's service centers. Although these children's parks can provide children with a degree of release of nature, and enable young parents to play with children, due to early childhood in China Education research is not deep enough, products lack innovation, and homogenization is more serious.

In the future, the development direction of children's parks is the laying and operation of professional equipment for children in the community, as well as the matching of professional children's pavilions or urban children's professional parks. Relying on the power of the company alone can not achieve a better development of the children's playground. Therefore, in addition to enterprises, the government should also give certain support to them. The government is an advocate of policy, and certain policy support can not only support the research and establishment of early childhood education, but also lead enterprises to invest more in early childhood education. Therefore, the development of children's paradise in the future should gather the strength of the government and enterprises, update and improve the facilities, learn from the advanced theoretical experience of foreign countries, pay attention to the training and intervention of early childhood education, and enhance children's cognitive and non-cognitive ability. .

Knowing the new trends and new needs of the children's playground in advance, and doing it one by one, it is very likely that the next explosion playground will be generated between you and me~

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