Innovation and development? How to break through the theme park
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2018-09-23 14:15:46
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China's tourism industry has entered the fast lane in recent years. According to relevant data, last year, the number of domestic tourists reached more than 40 trillion, and tourism revenue exceeded 4 trillion; the investment amount increased from 1 trillion in 2015 to 1.29 trillion last year. It is expected to exceed 1.2 trillion this year. While the industry is booming, it also faces a common problem:

Innovation and development? How to break through the theme park

How does the new park stand out and how does the old park activate the market?

Innovation has become an eternal topic in tourism and theme parks.

The importance and necessity of innovation and development

The first, unchanging and blind imitation is the dead end of the development of the theme park. For the unchanging influence, you can refer to the popular playground in 1987 and 1997. At that time, many amusement parks were famous, but now they are disappearing. One of the most important points is that they are unchanged and do not seek innovation. In addition to imitation, when Splendid China was first launched, the country has built miniature landscapes everywhere: Shenzhen World Window has become the object of competition, such as Guangzhou World View, Chengdu World Park, Shanghai World Park, Beijing World Park... all are imitation Results. In the end, it is hard to escape the bad luck.

Second, the paradise that can never be built is an eternal magic weapon for the theme park to maintain market appeal and increase the rate of revisiting. In order for tourists to always see the new, the park will always be built. Whether it is Disney, Happy Valley, or other paradise, if you want to keep the market youthful and energetic, you must constantly develop and update. Only a paradise that can never be built will have a paradise that can never be played. Shenzhen Happy Valley is preparing for the sixth phase of this year, and Beijing Happy Valley is built to the fourth phase. Since the opening of Disney in 2005, the projects that have been opened in the past 12 years are not enumerated. The construction and renewal of the park will never stop.


Innovation and development? How to break through the theme park

Third, diversification of demand is the market demand for product innovation. With the improvement of people's living standards, the individualized needs of tourism, leisure and entertainment are becoming more and more diversified. In order to adapt to this, multi-products can meet the diversified needs and maintain their attractiveness to specific markets.

Fourth, innovation and development is the winner of market competition. For the same target market, whether the product has innovation and innovation level is the decisive factor for the success or failure of the competition.

The above points reveal the importance and necessity of innovation development from the development law of the theme park and market demand.

From what aspects of innovation and development

Product Innovation

Different parks should adapt to different groups of people and make tourism products within the same target market. For example, the headquarters of Shenzhen OCT is a typical urban tourist resort. Its products form a complete urban tourism resort model from theme parks, hotels, open leisure spaces, cultural and art products to children's products. Not only that, the product positioning and market positioning of a single tourism project are different: Splendid China for foreign markets, Window of the World for domestic visitors, Happy Valley targeting the residents market, Happy Coast positioning for urban living room, open entertainment and leisure space, Mead Small towns are tailored for the children's market...

As a typical tourist resort in the city, the Panyu Changlong Tourist Resort is a family holiday. From Xiangjiang Wildlife Park, Changlong Night Zoo to Chimelong Happy World, Changlong Crocodile Park has been transformed into a bird park, a big circus, a water park, an animal-themed hotel, etc., which constitutes a complete family holiday resort model benchmark.

It can be seen from these two examples that the products are not duplicated, the market positioning complements each other, and the product combination and innovation complement the development of the entire resort.

Project innovation

Project innovation is the only magic weapon to maintain market appeal and increase the rate of revisiting. The application of new technologies is an important means of project innovation, such as VR. Last year, Six Flags Park grew by 4%. The key is that several Six Flags theme parks have launched VR roller coasters. Another example is the “Revolving World of Hollywood Dreams” launched by Universal Studios Osaka in 2013. It has become the longest queue in the global theme park, with a queue time of up to 9.4 hours, an average of 6 hours. Innovation is fully demonstrated in this project, and it is evident in the market's pulling effect!

Commodity innovation

When it comes to the products of the theme park, we focus more on projects, equipment and hardware. In fact, the theme park's products are composed of multiple elements, and the subject matter is also one of its constituent elements. Since the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in 2001, Tokyo Disneyland has not added any new projects, but as of last year, Tokyo Disney still occupied the first place in the Asia Pacific theme park list. An important reason for not having hardware innovation but staying first for a long time is commodity innovation. There are many limited editions of innovative products in Tokyo Disneyland that are fatal to the Japanese tourist market. Japanese people especially like limited edition products. Disneyland uses this law to introduce different limited edition products with the season. The key to product innovation is not its application function, but its emotional function.

Innovation and development? How to break through the theme park

Theme activity

The importance of the theme event to the innovation of the theme park is self-evident. The attraction of hardware projects and theme activities to the theme park market is completely different. For example, a common phenomenon, a project, by the sixth month, income will fall off the cliff, because this project is mainly composed of equipment. The device is only attractive for the market for six months and decays rapidly after six months. On the contrary, if it is a brand activity, its charm is continuously rising. For example, the One Piece in Universal Studios Japan introduces games, animations, and animations to achieve an increasing influence.


Performance innovation can also bring great changes to the theme park and bring a new experience to visitors. For example, the water parade in Hong Kong Disneyland has formed a good interaction with tourists, with an excellent atmosphere and remarkable results. In addition, the Universal Carnival Parade in Japan combines venues and carnivals, and the atmosphere of the entire park is very active. Theme parks, especially performance-related practitioners, should be carefully studied as a typical case to study its planning ideas, tourists' emotional mobilization, and learn from them.


Service is an important part of the theme park innovation. The theme park has two main functions, one is to give visitors a sensory experience through equipment, and the other is to convey emotion through service. The impact of the emotional function of the park on the market is huge and long-lasting.


Judging from the development history of China's tourism industry in the past 30 years, China's tourism market and tourists have undergone tremendous changes. Our marketing methods must also be continually adapted: channels must be changed, and promotion methods must be changed... For example, the earliest is news promotion, and then through keyword search, and later through video transmission, now the live broadcast platform is in full swing... If these changes cannot catch up, it is impossible to succeed. 


Managed innovation is also an important aspect of theme park innovation. Management innovation is well done, not only can reduce costs and increase efficiency, strengthen services, but also motivate employees, create a good public reputation for the park, and lay a solid foundation for the brand. Shenzhen Happy Valley's management strategy has gone through three stages, from ISO9000 to strategic corporate culture to high performance management, with different stages addressing different management issues. The essence of ISO9000 is to do things right, standardize the requirements of company management; strategic corporate culture requires doing things well, mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, solving various problems for tourists; to the stage of high performance management, mainly Require social responsibility. 

Innovative approach 

Accurate market research

In addition to big data, there are many ways to study the target market. If the target market is not positioned correctly, the product will fail. For example, the equipment entertainment park, its target market is the residential market rather than the tourist market. If it is built in the tourist market, it will inevitably face failure.

Accurate research requires an understanding of the market segmentation requirements of the product. It is necessary to study the different needs in order to have the corresponding ideas to plan the corresponding products. Fine research can help to understand the product itself, and can also promote management optimization and cost control. The combination of big data and traditional means can form a prediction for the future, and is the best decision-making basis for managers and new market players.

Detailed resource analysis

Any innovation must be based on a viable and operational basis. A comprehensive and thorough analysis of the resources and advantages that it possesses is an indispensable prerequisite for innovation. Resources include both capital, human resources, existing products, the company's core competitiveness, as well as resource endowments and market resources. Only by carefully considering these resources, and knowing everything, innovation will not become a slap in the face, mirage. 

Accumulation of multiple factors

Multiple entertainment elements can be an innovative element of the theme park. Music, animation, comics, online literature, sports, movies, etc. are all important elements of theme park innovation. Theme park practitioners must conduct in-depth study and research on these elements.

Open teamwork

Innovation is not a matter of one's own, we must brainstorm. Open teamwork is an important way to innovate in theme parks. The three or five small teams used in the Happy Valley brand building process are important examples of teamwork.

Extensive creative learning

Extensive learning is an important method of innovation and development. Sometimes some creative pieces together are a big idea, provided that extensive learning is required, either directly or indirectly.

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