The venue must see! Daily management of video game city
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2018-09-18 16:08:30
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Do you think that video game is just a simple way to open a door? No! Every step is to be carefully pondered! Moreover, in the actual operation of the video game city, it is absolutely impossible to talk about it. It takes one step at a time to operate the video game city. However, I am not afraid. Today, the game art has brought you dry goods. With it, you don't have to worry about the daily operation and management of the video game city.

The venue must see! Daily management of video game city

First, the focus of video game management on duty

1 Use the necessary tools for duty management: apply it to management;

2 some basic management skills: goal setting, communication skills, tracking feedback, leadership style building;

3 In the course of operation: to improve the turnover, equipment maintenance, profit control, staff training, crisis management learning and attention.

Second, the goal of video game city duty management

Short-term goal of duty management

1 smooth and smooth operation;

2 to achieve the turnover target of this shift, supervise the implementation of the promotion plan;

3 Coordinate personnel, equipment and gifts to achieve outstanding machine equipment operating status, service, cleanliness, and smooth and consistent operation and profit, to ensure high customer satisfaction;

4 supervise and complete the maintenance and update of the equipment of the machine;

5 complete the personnel management and training of this shift;

6 control the expenses such as salary, gifts, accessories and other materials, water and electricity, pocket money, etc. on duty;

7 Coordination of various aspects: government, owners and property management.

Long-term goal of duty management

1100% customer satisfaction;

2 more rational and effective use of resources;

3 bring customers and increase turnover;

4 Improve the management level of the video game city management team.

Duty of duty manager

1 complete the short-term and long-term goals of duty management;

2 with the “management manager's job description” as the appraisal standard;

Third, video game city duty management process

Pre-shift process

1 Self-examination: Prepare a good mental state, uniform, and clean image;

2 personnel inspection:

◆ Read the manager's message book and company documents;

◆ Estimated turnover and income statistics, cashier handover form, analysis of turnover, and target estimation of turnover on duty;

◆ Read the maintenance and cleaning schedule: arrange daily maintenance and cleaning work;

◆ Set quality, service, and cleanliness goals;

◆ Look at the schedule, attendance schedule and the communication schedule of the previous manager: Before the start of the class, the duty target, quality & service & cleaning objectives, staff position and requirements, and post training arrangements will be announced;

3 gifts and other materials inspection:

◆ Use the store inspection table for handover inspection;

◆ Check that the equipment of the machine, the checkout counter and the gift box are all available;

◆ Prepare the cash machine for change;

◆ Check cleaning and disinfecting supplies;

◆ Record opportunity points and arrange for personnel to complete;

4 equipment inspection: check all machine equipment according to the shop inspection table, machine equipment condition shift schedule, maintenance work report.

On-duty process

1 Communicate goals with each person, track and feedback the work authorized;

2 on-duty inspections;

3 processing opportunity points;

4 patrol machine equipment to ensure service quality;

5 pay attention to security work;

6 talk to customers to pay attention to customer needs;

7 Ensure that gifts and other materials are sufficient and properly preserved;

8 to carry out maintenance and cleaning of the equipment;

9 Track employee work and training;

10 complete administrative work;

? handover inspection.

★ In-store inspection: Non-peak hours of operation: On-duty inspection every 30 minutes, check and record and track item by item according to the patrol view and inspection table;

On-duty hours: On-the-go, wherever you need it, you can quickly and flexibly handle issues, record and track feedback.

Increase the number of inspections in key areas: checkout counters, customer entertainment areas, and toilets.

★ Out-of-store inspection:

Every 2 hours, check the POP, posters, light boxes, doors and windows outside the store, and clean.

Post-shift process

1 and the next shift to work on duty;

2 Handling some problems after the handover tour;

3 write a work message;

4 sort out some forms and administrative work;

5 off work;

Fourth, video game city duty skills

The following techniques can be applied during the shift to improve the management level and the effectiveness of the shift.

Triangle idea 

Collect data → find problems → quickly judge to make decisions → take action

1 Collect data and find problems:

Use all the tools available: store inspection table, marketing tracking plan, security inspection table, cleaning inspection table, maintenance cleaning checklist, etc.

2 Quickly judge and make a decision:

The principle of judgment is: to ensure normal operation, maintain customer satisfaction, maintain a high level of quality & service & cleaning, ensure a good working team and high morale of employees, and judge the priority of solving problems according to this principle;

Make decisions: when, who, what, how to solve, how to check the results of the tracking completion, and finally who should communicate with feedback to remind others to pay attention to such things;

3 Take action:

Take action according to the decision that is made. After the action is completed, give the authorized person positive encouragement or corrective opinions in a timely manner, and continue to track feedback in future work;

Communication, tracking and feedback

Feedback to the authorized person in time when you see the advantages and opportunities in the tracking. Remember: always say the merits of others in public, and privately say his chances. When talking about opportunities, remember the principles we have always respected: it is not right.

Customer relationship

1 Keep in touch with customers: When you are on duty, chat with and help your guests, call out the names of regular customers, and understand their preferences; use customer surveys for regular customer visits;

2 Dealing with complaints: Please keep in mind that most of the vicious complaints come from small problems and the complaints are not resolved quickly and in good faith. Most of the customers will be dissatisfied because of our handling attitude;

3 Please follow the procedure below to handle complaints: peace, courtesy, professional attitude. Ask the customer to talk to the manager's office or avoid other guests' places, talk to the customer for help and understanding, and apologize for the inconvenience caused;

Listening: Do not interrupt the guest's complaints, try to use affirmative eye contact and tone auxiliary words, body language to let customers say more, so that customers can be respected and relieve customer sentiment, more understanding of the situation.

4 Apply the following tips:

◆ Accept ("good", nod);

◆ Repeated words (repeated with the guest's original words);

◆ Excerpt the meaning (restate it in its own language);

◆ Semi-closed question (what? When?

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