How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?
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2018-09-01 10:09:18
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As the variety of children's play facilities continues to increase, the pressure to operate a naughty store or playground will increase. The reason is that without good product facilities, customers will naturally lose, so it is increasingly difficult to operate. How can I earn money by operating a naughty castle? Needless to say, that is the traffic. No passengers, want to make money that is a daydream. There are many factors that can affect the flow of children's playgrounds, such as the overall planning and positioning of the Naughty Children's Amusement Park, advertising efforts, marketing programs and so on. As the operator of the children's amusement park, we can't control the overall traffic to the park, but it can affect the traffic of our equipment!

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

Method 1 - Online Marketing

Now is the era of the Internet +, many offline industries can be marketed through the Internet. Naughty Children's Amusement Park can use the Internet to increase passenger traffic, which is the easiest and most cost-effective method. The most common and useful Internet marketing method is customer experience sharing. Customer experience sharing is the photo of the child playing sent to the circle of friends, QQ space, so that her friends can see these photos. How can we let them share it? Many customers need to take the initiative to share after a small temptation, which requires a certain cost, such as buying small gifts, sharing the delivery costs, sharing the red packets and so on. If you can continue for a long time, the effect of drainage is very obvious. There are many ways to attract passengers. Just look at whether you have executive power and whether you can stick to it. As long as you can manage with your heart, be good at adapting, be willing to invest, and stick to it for a long time, you will always manage the naughty castle.

Method 2 - Equipment replacement

Needless to say, the market is always new and tired, and the popularity of traditional naughty castles is decreasing. How to fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient passenger traffic, the most effective way is the innovation of equipment. However, for small and medium-sized operators, a wide range of equipment replacement is also unrealistic. Here is a recommended rope project for everyone. The rope net project can be partially updated in a naughty castle environment, including embedding new items and replacing original parts.

Method 3 - Create an atmosphere

The atmosphere is especially important for children's playgrounds. Children like to go to the lively places, if the Naughty Children's Park is not played, the children will not be interested in the children's playground. How to create an atmosphere? The most important thing to create an atmosphere is popularity. As long as you are popular, don't let you publicize, people will automatically run to see. Therefore, more children need to play in the children's playground. If you don't have children, you can let your relatives and friends have fun, which will attract more people to play.

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

Method 4 - Management Equipment

Keep the children's playground clean and tidy and functioning properly. Regardless of whether the device is new or old, keep the device clean and free of dirt. The electric equipment in the park should be careful not to wash directly with water. Only clean cloth should be wiped with water (remember to cut off the power first). The cleaning of naughty castle equipment must be done in accordance with the correct cleaning method, otherwise it will have serious consequences.

Method 5 - Make customers cheaper

Taking advantage of the price is a pleasure that customers generally pursue, so it is necessary to make tourists take advantage of it. When there are few people, you can let the children play more time and give some small gifts. This can increase the customer's stickiness, ensure that he wants to play next time, or introduce friends to play.

to sum up:

In order to keep children's paradise continually attracting children, we need to start from many aspects, focus all our attention on children, and consider problems from the perspective of children. We don't know that our paradise has no customers. Can bring you some help.

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

At the moment when children's parks are everywhere, the operators of various parks are constantly improving their own business methods. How can they stand out in the fierce competition? How can we let the park attract more passengers, let us see Let's take the following rules.

1. Convenient Law When you are in the park, do you have any pedestrians who have entered the store to avoid rain, borrow umbrellas, and ask for directions? Many businesses are now bothering to refuse and are unwilling to provide convenience to customers and pedestrians. In Japan, there is a shop dedicated to publicity on the street. “Garden-style bathroom is free to use”, which attracts many pedestrians to use. Pedestrians enter and leave the bathroom to keep the source of customers, and the business is naturally getting better and better. This is the convenience law, convenient for people, convenient for themselves.

Reference: In fact, the park venue can open the bathroom, Wifi, leisure facilities, etc. free of charge, and the pure water in the store is also provided to customers or pedestrians free of charge. In the summer season, passers-by are allowed to enter the store to enjoy the cool. These convenience measures will give people a very intimate feeling. Naturally, it will also attract many customers.

2. Law of influence

The influence of the park directly determines whether the customer chooses to enter consumption. When you are shopping as an ordinary consumer, passing a store, what influences you into this store? What is the decision that affects your purchase? For example, a picture of a delicious dish attracts you into a restaurant. The personality of the model in the window of the clothing store also attracts you to the store. This is the law of influence.

Reference: Therefore, whether our parks usually have promotional activities, we must make full use of sound, image, map, word, color and other factors to influence pedestrians, such as cute dolls and colorful colors to attract children to influence customers. Into the store to spend.

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

3. The first law

No one store is very popular when it opens, and the popularity of stores needs to accumulate. Your store doesn't need to be the best in the country, and you don't need to be the best in the company. You just need to be the best in your regional market.

Reference: It can be said that now every store is surrounded by competitors, your store only needs a little better service than the opponent, the activity is a little more creative than the opponent, the sales skills of the clerk are a little stronger than the opponent, all of which are "a little bit "Gathering more and more, your store will become the first place in the comprehensive strength of this region!"

4. The law of word of mouth

For the store, the gold cup silver cup is not as good as the customer's reputation. The world's greatest salesman is the customer himself. The clerk grinds his mouth and recommends to the customer which consumer package is more favorable, which equipment or activity is more beneficial to the child, and not as good as the customer. "This paradise is very good!" This is the law of word of mouth. The store manager and the clerk maintain the reputation of the store. The referral rate of your customers and customers will naturally rise.

Reference: The store manager should pay more attention to the improvement of the clerk's professional knowledge and the actual situation of the customer itself when recommending to the customer. After all, the customer enters the door and they still have certain needs (more time is the child's needs). Excellent professional knowledge and appropriate joint sales, coupled with a good service attitude, the store's word of mouth naturally spread.

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

5. Classification law

In fact, customers in each store can be classified according to age, occupation, spending power, etc., so that the store can target and promote different people to different activities, on the one hand to improve the participation rate of the event, another Aspects can also reduce the workload of the clerk appropriately.

Reference: Now almost all stores have their own member maintenance, the store can classify the customers who have already consumed, and carry out targeted maintenance, so as to improve the rate of return and the transaction rate, so that the drainage and the passengers can be synchronized.

6. Eye law

The wine is also afraid of the deep alley, and the eyeball economy makes propaganda a necessity of marketing. Any store that does not value publicity can only sit still. So, in the regional market, you have to do everything you can to make your store name, or brand slogan or symbolic logo everywhere. Remember, you have to do this continuously.

Reference: Propaganda carriers are everywhere, on the car, on the wall, on the Internet, on paper, on mobile phones, on people, fixed and circulation can be used as propaganda carriers.

7. The law of false and real

Everything in the world is a combination of reality and reality. There is nothing, nothing is there. The flow of passengers is the same. The flow of passengers that you see is there. The potential passenger flow that you can't see is both there and nothing. It is relative to your store, but not when you don't.

Reference: In today's rapid development of mobile Internet, each store can not only focus on visible customers, but more importantly, focus on potential customers. There is no traditional industry, only traditional ideas.

8. The law of differentiation

The law of differentiation tells us that in a regional market, customers can be divided into groups. If we investigate 1,000 customers and then classify the reasons for the mobile phones they are using, we know how we should do it. Attracting passengers. Therefore, in the regional market, the source must be differentiated to find out how to attract mainstream passengers.

Reference: We can't change the direction of the wind, but we can change the direction of the sail. The store can differentiate the completed customers and maintain them, so as to improve the return rate, increase the transaction rate, and synchronize the drainage with the passengers.

How do children's amusement park management strategies have repeat customers?

9. The law of interest

"The world is bustling, all for the benefit of the world. The world is awkward, all for profit." Enlightenment is still an effective law to attract passengers. This benefit is not just about “prices to make profits”! More is to attract customers by cognizing the value of customers, such as store value and brand value.

Reference: At this point, we must divide the interests into two concepts to understand, one is the interest, and the other is the interest point. This will make good use of the law of interest. The benefits are real-time and can be felt immediately, while the points of interest are lasting and can be enjoyed in the future.

The current amusement industry is in a stage of transformation, and increasing passenger traffic has become a crucial point. Through good marketing programs, and constantly improving the amusement equipment and facilities according to the nine laws, we will find new life again!

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