These 4 theme parks in Orlando are fun to burst! I don't want to leave when I go in~
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If you still don't know Orlando,

Then you must have heard the biggest in the world.

“Disney World”

Disney here is equivalent to the entire San Francisco area.

disney world

According to incomplete statistics

60 million visitors to Orlando in 2018

Orlando is known as

“One of the top 15 best travel destinations in the world”

It is also the city of Theme Park.


13 best theme park in orlando

In addition to Disney, there are Universal Studios, Sea World, and Legoland.

Waiting for the world famous net red card to gather in Orlando~~~

That's right,

It’s such a magical place,

Come on!

disney world theme parks

The world's largest Disney world

When it comes to Orlando, the preferred place to visit must be Disney. Although Disney World in Orlando is not the oldest in the world, it is the largest Disneyland in the world and the global headquarters of Disney.

disney world theme parks

The park has the world's newest electric amusement equipment, with 22 million visitors a year. There is a snow-capped mountain full of western style and adventure. Visitors take a luxury tour train, passing through the wild west of the pristine west, passing through the mysterious cave, passing through the gold mining town of 1849, and then entering a gold mine tunnel. The earthquake and landslides followed, and the tourists were shocked. The geyser rushed into the sky and spewed water vapor. The scene was spectacular.

snowy mountain coaster

Snowy mountain coaster

There are also classic trains and carriages, Robinson Tree House, Horror Haunted House, US Presidential Palace, Mickey Mouse World, Snow White, Submarine Underwater Wonders, 360-degree Stereo Movies, Singular Vitality Electrical Exhibition Hall, and Eastern Airlines Roaming World in Disney World. , Peter's spaceship, high-altitude colorful fireworks, etc., colorful.


Whether it is an adult or a child, it is a little cute, or a muscular man. Disney has the magic to light your childlike heart. The protagonists in the pillow fairy tale sit on the pumpkin carriage, they wave with you and dance with you, and you start a wonderful journey of roaming the fairy tale world.

theme parks

When night falls, the crowd will boil, because the most anticipated castle lighting fireworks show is about to begin as the best ending for Disney's fun journey~~~

disney's fun firework

Most worth watching Universal Studios

universal studios logo

If you are a movie fan, don't miss out on Universal Studios Orlando. Here, every classic movie you know is designed to be a thrilling game. Whether it's the Simpsons, Despicable Me or ET Adventure, you can bring you great visual and sensory experiences. . From the exciting roller coaster to the 3D and 4D rides, Universal Studios will satisfy your fantasies and let you take advantage of it.

the simpsons

"The Simpsons" 

et adventure

ET Adventure

Universal Studios Orlando is divided into Universal Studios & Adventure Island. There are so many playful projects that you can't wait, and you can also experience the film studio to see how the special effects in the movie are filmed. Here you can see such things as: the collapse of the snow, the attack of the great white shark, how the King Kong Howler was filmed, and the real-life replica of the movie "Future World", "Harry Potter" and "Jurassic Park".

harry potter magic world

Harry Potter Magic World

jurassic park

Jurassic Park

For "Ha Fan", Universal Studios Adventure Island is undoubtedly a paradise for dreams. Tasting the butter beer in Hogmund village, visiting Hogwarts and riding the eagle "flying" are full of endless fun.

At the same time, the superhero island in the park is also very distinctive, such as walking in the cartoon lake, "intimate contact" with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and exploring the sinking ancient continent. There is a realistic 3D Flying tour and a small roller coaster in the Magic Castle, which is full of surprises.

The most dazzling ocean world

Ocean World Paradise is a unique experience that is completely different from Disney and Universal Studios. SeaWorld Orlando is the world's second largest ocean world, offering a variety of exciting marine animal shows and water entertainment projects, a must for children, adventurers and animal lovers.

In the pavilion, there are not only the embarrassing penguins, but also fierce sharks and cute dolphins. Of course, the most famous performances are the performance of killer whales, which is regarded as one of the must-see shows in life. Many visitors come here for a wonderful performance of killer whales.

Among them, the “Shamu's Happy Harbor” and the thrilling “Journey to Atlantis” are popular holiday paradise. Don't miss it.

Atlantis Tour

In Orlando Sea World, animals are no longer just animals that are far from the glass, so you can get in touch with them and feel their presence. The park will also invite visitors to interact with marine life and even become their breeders. Is it very exciting?

Max LEGO building block world

Lego Land Theme Park is the world's largest Legoland and has been named the “Best Children's Paradise”. There are a variety of thrilling classic Lego projects in the park, and more than 50 rides, shows and attractions.

In addition, there are Lego theme show and Lego City in Lego City, a mini town built with LEGO bricks. There are also mini America, Adventure Village, Pirate Bay, Happy Town and more. Of course, you can't miss the Lego theme store and bring a big bag of Lego toys to your satisfaction.

Lego Water Park is a water world dedicated to children, with a mini surf pool, a clown playing area, a splash slide, a Twin Chaser slide, a Duplo adventure area, a 1000-foot lazy river, etc. heaven.

Orlando, the most fun city in the world!

Carrying up your luggage,

Go and discover the possibilities of 10,000 kinds of happiness now!

Finally, I wish you all a good time~

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