How can an experiential children's amusement park be operated and managed to be profitable?
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2018-08-30 15:37:59
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At present, the experiential children's amusement park has become a standard project for major shopping malls, large commercial real estate, and commercial complexes. The prospects are very impressive. Children's amusement parks have blossomed everywhere in commercial real estate. So how can we manage to manage profits quickly?

How can an experiential children's amusement park be operated and managed to be profitable?

Considering funding

Standing in the perspective of a medium-sized children's amusement park, they are rich and have a good position. They all know that business is from one project to another, from getting one customer to two customers, even if they have it. There is a possibility of loss. Money is more expensive, less money and less money, as long as this fund is rising, it is possible to surpass, I believe that this is the dream of most small and medium-sized children's amusement park businesses.

Children's amusement park management mode

A store manager is responsible for the overall situation, including administrative arrangements, personnel arrangements, and post-arrangement inspections, formulating rules and regulations, standards, and upper-level leadership to reflect market conditions, marketing planning and execution, cashiers, waiters, and maintenance personnel, depending on the size of the children's amusment park. Similarly, a person can have multiple roles. A staff member in a children's playground needs such positions. The division of labor is different for each position. The manager needs to list the job responsibilities of each position, and the supervisors do as required. To. There is also an easier way to generate digital reports through the site management system and analyze the site management and operations based on the data displayed in the report. At this point, small and medium-sized children's parks can learn from the large-scale parks.

Children's Amusement Park's product mix

At present, the market profit model is better because the product mix is better, basically it is the Naughty Children's Amusement Park and the children's game machine, and these two projects can not be opened separately. There are several reasons: suppose the children play separately. The storefront of the machine, the phenomenon is that this game area is like the animation city, it needs to apply for cultural license and industrial and commercial business license and fire detection certificate, which will be more complicated and relatively difficult; the second reason is that the game hall is now parents. The concept is not a good place, so although children like it, businesses make money quickly, but parents will not bring children to the game hall, and will not give children money to play games and other entertainment products, then video games Positioning, children's entertainment venues are not much related to this.

Assume again, if you open a children's naughty castle park alone, as many people choose to join, the main reason for not making money is that the project is too single. If the child has been tired a few times, he will not want to go. And the children play in the naughty castle, the parents do not know what to do, the parents will feel very boring, such a paradise, the average child has not played a few times, the parents are not willing to take him, buy The monthly or secondary card is placed at home. These two modes are difficult to survive on their own, which is why there are a lot of 300 square meters to join the children's paradise is quickly removed.

How can we make money in line with the market?

From the fourth point of view, the product mix in a well-run children's playground should be a combination of static and dynamic, mainly with children's naughty castles and children's game consoles. For example, cold drinks, gifts, fast food, leisure, sports, interaction, etc., for example, for example, how to match a 400 square foot children's playground, 40% of the space to do naughty castle, 30% to do children's game console, 10% Do sand pool, 10% for gift bar dining, and 10% of free space, which is a relatively low cost configuration. If the budget is relatively high, naughty castles only do 30%, take 10% out to do 5D cinema, the whole venue with children's playground management system will be relatively high-end, in this kind of children's paradise, the real profit is the children's game consoles and bar gift sales and Catering, the rest can only be regarded as a capital preservation or attracting people to come in.

From the perspective of overall operation, let the whole business field come first, then naughty castle, sand pool is the flow tool, the purpose of opening small and medium-sized children's park is profit, then the children's game machine is a profit tool. This is the best match for small and medium-sized children's parks. If it is a small children's playground, it is a children's naughty castle and a children's game console.

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