How to do market research of Investing in a children's amusement park?
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2018-08-23 09:22:41
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Many children's amusement park investors will do some market research themselves before opening indoor children's amusement parks, but the survey results are often not accurate enough, and the survey methods are not reasonable enough. So, how is the children's amusement park market research? How can the analysis make the results of the children's amusement park market survey more accurate?

How to do market research of Investing in a children's amusement park?

A shop environment survey

First of all, you need to know whether there is a children's playground in the local area. Look closely at the configuration and business model of the amusement equipment inside. Is there any circumvention and merits? Secondly, see if the surrounding traffic is convenient and the security is safe. Whether it is clean and so on; the second is to investigate the prosperity of the location of the store, such as the surrounding business format, business environment. Therefore, the location of the children's amusement park is very important. A good store can make your store run longer. It is recommended to choose in large shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities and other places. In addition, the floor space should also be considered comprehensively. If it is too small, it may affect the long-term operation in the future. It should be carefully evaluated according to its own financial situation. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the prosperity of this business district, such as the location of the children's amusement park. Set in a large shopping mall, this not only meets the shopping needs of parents, but also provides convenience for children to play.

Second product analysis

First of all, we should be clear, what is the difference and characteristics of our products compared with other similar devices? What is certain is that our equipment is dynamic, comprehensive, color, safe! Novelty, advanced! Mainly in: we combine children like to jump The nature of climbing, drilling, drilling, rolling, swaying, and shaking. Targeted design: rotating, swaying, inflatable, water-filled, visual, tactile, auditory, natural, animal, running water, snow, forest and other products. Let the children love to play, do not tire of play and enhance physical fitness while playing, develop intelligence, exercise perseverance, and physical and mental development. Since the product went on the market, it has been widely loved by children and parents. The project is suitable for installation in shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, communities and other places where children are densely populated. Not limited by the size and shape of the site. Low investment, simple management, low loss and high profit. So for now, it is a good project for investment.

How to do market research of Investing in a children's amusement park?

Sancha Consumer Willingness Survey (to make business more precise)

Do a market survey questionnaire for parents. The question can be set as follows: If there is a children's playground, would you like to bring a child to play? What are the children's play projects that you can rest assured and happy to play? What do you think you can accept? What is the consumption standard? And so on. The form of the questionnaire is more likely to capture issues such as peripheral consumption levels, consumer willingness, and consumer preferences. Let the children's park management, equipment options, ticket pricing, etc. be more targeted.

Four-level consumption level survey

In general, the evaluation of consumption levels needs to be evaluated in many aspects such as housing, transportation and communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education, and medical care. In addition, the survey on the customer consumption level of our children's playground also needs to see the proportion of children in the vicinity to the total population. The more children, the greater the potential consumer groups of children's play equipment.

Wuyi Business Survey

The problems faced by children's amusement parks in the business process need to be resolved and the points that need to be understood. First of all, we need to know the costs incurred in our business process, that is, the cost. We believe that the main components of operating costs are: fixed costs + floating expenses. The fixed costs include: store rent, water and electricity property fees, staff salaries, cost of equipment, handling of business documents, and tax expenses. Floating expenses include: advertising fees, gifts, POP concessions, accessory wear and management expenses. As long as we know the detailed structure of the new store costs, we can clearly understand our break-even point, which is convenient for our expectations and decision-making.

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