The right people have been repeatedly confirmed for the children’s amusement park brand.
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2018-08-24 14:43:15
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We often see such news from many peers in various exchange groups: "I have funds. Who can introduce a good children's amusement park brand?" In fact, many of us do not lack funds or space. Rather, it lacks the ability to choose a children's park brand. I believe many people don't know how to choose a children's amusement park brand that is really suitable for them. Therefore, such a message will be screened in the group. In order to allow the majority of the industry to have a standard for reference, We compiled the following notes on the participation of children's  amusement park brands.

The right people have been repeatedly confirmed for the children’s amusement park brand.

First, what is the children's amusement park to join?

First of all, let's take a look at what is a children's  amusement park to join? Joining is a contractual relationship. According to the contract, the brand provides unique business privileges, plus unconditional assistance (personnel training, organizational structure, management, supply and marketing), and the franchise stores pay relative compensation.

Second, then what should you pay attention to when you join a child?

01 operating hours

Statistics show that in China, the average life expectancy of SMEs is only 2.9 years. In other words, most SMEs have lived for three years. Nowadays, the indoor children's playground industry is in the stage of big waves, and only strong brands can withstand the test of the market. Therefore, through the operation time (you can look at the brand registration time, you should not believe that the company that boasted of exaggeration) can be used as an aspect of reference brand strength.

02 brand awareness

Brand awareness is often an important motivation for consumers to decide to buy. The higher the brand awareness, the higher the passenger flow and sales. Therefore, when entrepreneurs join, they must find out the brand situation. In an era when the brand concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the brand's popularity is equal to the credibility, equal to the trust of the consumer, and equal to the profit. Choosing a high-profile children's park to join the brand, to a certain extent, can achieve a good back to the tree.

But at the same time, we need to understand that the brand image does not exist in isolation. He is woven by other images in many marketing, such as the image of the product, the image of the price, etc., all of which are related to the construction of the brand image. I think that at least seven relevant images need to be created together when creating brands. They are “quality image”, “price image”, “passage image”, “advertising image”, “promotional image”, “customer image” and “corporate image”.

The right people have been repeatedly confirmed for the children’s amusement park brand.

03 product quality

The most important thing in the quality judgment of indoor children's paradise is the quality of the amusement project. The quantity and quality of the amusement project determine the grade of a paradise to some extent. Therefore, when examining a brand, the quality and quantity of the amusement project should be Make a focus on playability and security. Mainly concerned about whether the appearance of the project is novel, whether the gameplay is diverse and interesting, whether the material of the product is durable, and whether the safety performance is passed.

04 correct guidance 

When it comes to joining, investors are most concerned about the return on investment. Some children's parks join the brand to vigorously promote their high return on investment, and some indicate that the investment recovery period is only one month on the publicity materials, which is an irresponsible publicity campaign. Franchising is indeed a way to make money, but the hope of getting rich overnight is extremely embarrassing. A good children's park to join the brand usually gives a comprehensive evaluation of the franchisee, giving an objective and effective investment recovery period and investment profit rate.

The right people have been repeatedly confirmed for the children’s amusement park brand.

05 perfect service

Choose a good children's park to join the brand, the headquarters will stand from the perspective of the franchisee, provide reasonable storefront location planning, area planning, marketing promotion, management training, and so on, some of the complete services, this is the franchise store Long-term development provides a strong guarantee. Remind investors to check the objects they want to devote themselves to, and only to choose the right brand, the success of joining is just around the corner.

06 product research and development capabilities

For any company, product quality is the basis for survival, and joining a children's park is no exception. The competition in the future must be the competition of product quality. Therefore, the operators of the children's park franchise stores must first look for the quality of the products when they choose the brand. In addition to personally going to visit, they should also do their homework before the training. The eye of the fire eye, a good children's paradise to join the brand, pays great attention to product development and style personality positioning, personal contact can have a deep understanding of the children's paradise, in order to achieve real heart.

In general, through innovative thinking, the new product concept should have the following characteristics:

(1) Combine the strategic capabilities of the park;

(2) Encourage division to occupy the market;

(3) changing the rules of the game;

(4) Even changing the game itself.

07 Team strength: Whether it has rich operational experience

Finally, and most importantly, the very real problem is that many of our operators who are engaged in children's  amusement parks currently lack business experience. To ensure the high success rate of business, training support is very needed, from the image of the store, display guidance, to small The use of goods management and promotion means, we must choose a brand with rich operational experience, can provide business experience for the children's park to join, solve the problems encountered by the children's  amusement park franchisees in the business process.

The right people have been repeatedly confirmed for the children’s amusement park brand.

A powerful brand can provide perfect services. In the early stage, there are professional market instructors to inspect the surrounding area, preliminary planning of the venue, etc.; in the medium term, a professional design team provides site planning maps for franchisees; The franchisees provide opening planning, operation support, etc., and a set of processes can ensure the stable profitability of the franchise stores.

Investment is not easy, but we can do it better. The majority of investors and park franchisees can refer to the above points before joining the children's  amusement park, choose the children's park brand that suits them, and let their children's paradise become a child's growth. Unforgettable memories in the process.

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