Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!
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In today's hot children's paradise, homogenization has become a major pain point for many parks. If you want to be unique, you must make your own characteristics. Only children's parks with unique creativity can always lead the market. Therefore, educational and recreational activities, parent-child paradise, these new types of children's paradise have gradually subverted traditional amusement equipment and opened up a new world of children's paradise.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

Why are new children's amusement parks more popular?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the monotonous and purely playful children's paradise has gradually lost its appeal. Nowadays parents and children prefer novel, intellectual and natural children's paradise projects, especially for fun and education. Parents participate in projects with children. The new children's playground precisely meets these needs of parents.

New Children's Paradise PK Traditional Children's Amusement Park

01 New Children's Park to develop children's learning ability

In traditional paradise, it is just a place for children to have fun. Children crawling, rolling, shaking, jumping, etc. can really exercise their physical fitness and improve their athletic ability. However, in terms of brain development and learning ability, traditional children’s paradise obviously has some Lack of.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

On the basis of the traditional children's paradise, the new children's paradise enhances the fun and interactivity of the children's paradise, allowing the children to learn and participate in the game while learning and getting all kinds of happiness and knowledge from the game.

02 Children in the new children's paradise have stronger social skills

Children's Park provides a social environment for children to help them meet new people. In the traditional paradise, the children just play in one piece.

In the new children's paradise, children will work together to complete a challenge to develop intelligence, and more emphasis on collectivism and cooperation. Children who make friends in this situation will play more in social interaction and interaction than in traditional paradise. The baby is strong.

03 New Children's Park to foster parent-child relationship

In the traditional paradise, parents are only as caregivers, can not really participate in the game with the baby, but also have a sense of boredom with accompanying children.

The new children's paradise has a strong parent-child interaction. In the game with the children, it is possible to have a more comprehensive understanding of the baby. The children are more intimate with their parents because of their efficient companionship. At this time, the parents are not only having control rights. Parents, friends who can play together, are very helpful in promoting the feelings between parents and children.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

What types of new children's playgrounds are there?

1 Education and music

The concept of entertaining and learning is a new concept of children's play, which means that children can learn happily. The new entertaining and children's theme park brings new entertainment to children, while keeping children away from electronic products and gaining happiness and knowledge in the game.

Whether it's sand dunes in a happy sand, role-playing in a simulated scene, or a stormy creative design in a graffiti classroom or a DIY classroom, you can take your child to a scene to learn and experience. .

2 role playing type

The role-playing children's program focuses on the psychological characteristics of children of different ages, and integrates the modern educational concept of entertaining and learning, and develops corresponding amusement projects.

Role-playing children's equipment can be said to be a good helper for children's "family". It takes people's common living facilities as an element, including more than ten series of products such as “McDonald's”, “City”, “Hospital” and “Beauty Salon”, which provides a safe and realistic scene for children's role-playing. For example: children's simulation driving school, children's professional experience hall and other children's play projects.

3 popular science entertainment

Popular science entertainment is mainly aimed at children after school, adding interactivity and participation in popular science equipment and facilities, integrating games into scientific principles and enhancing children's interest in science. For example: VR series and interactive projection series of play items.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

4 parent-child interaction

The parent-child type is a series of projects developed by the parents and children to meet the needs of the market. Its main feature is also combined with hands-on ability and game development intelligence, to a large extent cater to the interests of parents.

Currently popular parent-child projects include Shachi, Million Ocean Ball, EPP Building Block, Super Big Trampoline, Rainbow Net, Devil Slide, Bake Hall, DIY Handicraft Zone, etc. These rides are not only for children to love, but parents are also happy. The huge scale and lively scenes can inspire people's enthusiasm for play. In crazy play, it helps to improve the feelings between parents and children.

5 early education

Early education is an emerging type of education for children's business. It is not a type of education regulated by the Education Bureau. It is an emerging business education model in the commercial market. The characteristics are: for the development of young children, there is no large teaching aid equipment, facilities, the main profit point is the unique early education course. The main feature of the course is also the combination of game development intelligence, which caters to the interests of parents to a large extent. Examples are: sensory education, Montessori early education, creative baby and so on.

How does the new children's park stand out?

First, increase the frequency of consumers coming to the store

Freshness can stimulate children's curiosity and make children more interested in playing. The park is limited by the size of the venue, and the freshness of the paradise after the paradise is repeated is a big pain point. The price of the indoor children's park is basically 30-50. Around the yuan, it is also a huge consumer expenditure for the average family.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

1 Regularly engage in some free experience activities

Regularly engage in some free experience activities, and the personal experience and practice of parents and children is the most favorable word of mouth marketing tool. Through the observation, trial play, and listening of the target consumers, the brand is generated with a good sense, resulting in continuous consumption behavior.

2 individualized design of different age groups

Understand the needs of children of different ages and personalize the space and content of children's activities. Actively develop diversified theme activities, continuously integrate new technologies into the construction of children's paradise, and increase the multi-scene immersive play experience to extend children's stay time and consumption frequency as much as possible.

3 start friend recommendation plan

The indoor children's park can start the “Hip and Call Friends” program, invite your friends to come to the venue to play, there will be surprise gifts. You can also set more promotion modes, for example: recommend 1 friend to give 1 free play opportunity; recommend 3 or more, play free 5 times; recommend more than 10, get a monthly card, free to play within one month .

Second, the development of children's playground

A single children's park can no longer meet the children's personalized consumption needs, and large-scale development is a major trend in the development of new children's parks. The large-scale children's paradise is not only a large area. It is a strategic goal in the operation of the park to integrate children's and parents' consumption needs by integrating different formats.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

1 to make a reasonable space layout

Select eye-catching, market-oriented play equipment for a reasonable combination of styles to form a unified style. This combination is not only novel, peculiar, and comfortable, but also requires reasonable functions and regional distribution to drive the increase in traffic.

If you combine a children's slide in a children's playground with interactive projection technology, the slides can change a variety of games, and children can interact with the projected game content.

2Integration of industry chains in different industries

Children's Paradise wants to stand out from the crowd by integrating different industries to realize the development of the whole industry chain, tailoring the park to meet the consumption needs of children and parents, and to promote the development of children's playgrounds.

For example, children's parks can be associated with peers, such as children's educational institutions, maternity stores, kindergartens, children's clothing stores, toy and gift shops, and so on.

3 increase multi-scene interactive play experience

Add multi-scene interactive play experience, transform the previous single ride project into interactive space with interactive and scenes; theme play, design games with novel children's favorite planets, oceans, etc., to enhance consumer stickiness.

Children's paradise can also play new tricks? The new children's paradise opens a new era of amusement!

 Third, to achieve parent-child interaction

According to statistics, in the composition of children's play industry, the proportion of income generated by parental accompaniment has reached 19%, accounting for nearly 30% of the total ticket income. It can be seen that parental companion consumption generated by parent-child interaction has become an important income of merchants.

At present, a phenomenon in children's paradise is to focus on children only, and parents and parent-child interactions are seriously ignored.

For example, you can add some parent-child projects or programs to let adults and children interact and experience more fun.

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