6 promotion methods to make performance improvement of children's amusement park
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2018-08-21 09:27:57
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According to the survey, parents and children often go to the children's amusement park to produce the final consumption. The planned consumption accounts for only 25% of the customers, and about 75% of the customers belong to the real-time impulse consumption.

Therefore, combining the store promotion with the scene of the play project is a crucial aspect. In general, the promotion needs to be entertaining, popular, and increase the three major factors of sales, that is, the activity must be highly engaged, both to attract popularity and to produce actual benefits.

6 promotion methods to make performance improvement  of children's amusement park

First, the propaganda recommendations of the children's amusement park:

1. If there are some chain toy stores or maternal and child stores near the Children's Amusement Park, you can cooperate with them to help them make an old customer's gratitude feedback activities, and they will get unexpected results. Not only will it bring benefits, but it will also bring fame to the park.

2. Kindergarten is the most concentrated place for children's paradise. It is very necessary to take part of the expenses to cooperate with kindergartens and training centers. School children can be provided free of school supplies, and then children's playgrounds can be printed on these school supplies. The LOGO will increase the visibility of the children's playground in a short period of time and increase the affinity of the children's playground.

3. Regularly hold some paradise activities, and you can conduct some lottery and play games in the event. This will attract local popularity and increase certain popularity.

4, Jinbei silver cup is not as good as the consumer's reputation, so the paradise service attitude is very important, the implementation of the membership system inside the park, so that you can maintain a certain source of customers, join the members of the long-term customers to give a certain small gifts and small discounts, so good The word of mouth will spread among everyone.

5. Realize resource optimization and reward members who bring new customers. New customers can have discounts for the first time.

6, in a small area can be promoted with a paper leaflet, and give a small gift and coupons.

7. In the case of relatively low costs, in order to rapidly expand the market in a short period of time, you can also find media and networks to report on children's amusement parks, so that children's amusement parks will soon have a high reputation, in the media and online reports. , you can take the form of soft advertising.

8. In today's mobile internet era, through the traditional publicity channels, we must quickly use the "WeChat platform", through the WeChat public number of its own stores, the micro-signals of the surrounding cooperative merchants, and the well-known in the store coverage. "Micro-signal, (this article can be opened with a prize collection or recruited to the store to carry out the consumer, there will be unexpected gains!), after the launch of fast dissemination, accurate coverage of online activities, such as common: forwarding, like. ..

6 promotion methods to make performance improvement  of children's amusement park

Second, make good use of POP advertising to attract consumers' attention

Point of Purchase Advertising refers to an advertisement that promotes consumption in a store site, also called a point-of-sale/selling point advertisement.

Through various on-site publicity methods, the customer is informed of the promotional information that the store is promoting, so that consumers can quickly obtain the latest package discounts, discount content and amusement project information, thereby attracting customers' eyes and stimulating consumer desire.

Third, seize the psychological process of customer purchase: attention, interest, association, confirmation, action.

POP specific usage rules

1.Is the height of 1POP ads appropriate? Is the placement position reasonable and will it affect the pedestrian access? Is there an obstruction that affects the focus? Can the flow of people be able to pay attention?

2.Whether the surface of the advertisement is dirty or has expired content.

3.Are the rides customized according to the assumption of combined consumption? Does it match the display gift and the amusement park IP theme?

4.Is there a clear guide on how to get the discount package and the ticket method? Is the font clear? Does the content cause customers to misunderstand?

5.In the advertisement, is the content of the play item clearly introduced, such as playing equipment, price, and deadline?

6 promotion methods to make performance improvement  of children's amusement park

Fourth, consider the promotion preparation plan and improve the efficiency of publicity

The preparatory stage of the amusemnt paradise promotion is the key to the entire promotion. Therefore, it is very important to consider the staffing, display, response to passenger flow, implementation cost, and estimated revenue estimation.

1 Determine the appropriate time and place. Promotions should consider special holidays, time slots, durations, specific topics of conception, how many promotional points, main venue settings, etc.;

2 Prepare enough promotional items. Promotional items include booths, banners, arches, balloons, roll-ups, posters, leaflets, audio equipment, samples, gifts, etc. used on site;

3 Choose the right promotion staff. Such as organizing programs, games, events, hosts, security, etc.

4 Do a detailed publicity plan. Promotional publicity routes, coverage areas, and frequency of reports can be used to distribute flyers, broadcast warm-ups, new media campaigns, etc., while considering the cost of publicity;

5 Develop a reasonable cost budget. All aspects of the promotion activities need to make a reasonable cost budget, do not care about this, and reduce the promotion of profit and profit by over-expenditure.

6 promotion methods to make performance improvement  of children's amusement park

Fifth. Fully active the atmosphere of the scene and gather more popularity

1 The layout of the promotion site needs to have enough space for the customer to pay attention. The on-site display layout should be novel and neat, consistent with the IP main color; the POP on the spot should be conspicuous, and customers can pay attention when they enter the store.

2 The adjustment of the on-site atmosphere should take into account the customer's audio-visual experience. Avoid harsh sounds or play offensive music to attract customers as much as possible.

3 The live game program should have a focus. Designed to enhance the interaction between parents and children on the premise of bringing out the atmosphere of the promotion, all the links are set around the theme.

4 In the promotion process, we must pay attention to flexible control of the order of the site, so that the distribution of gifts is fair and orderly, to maintain the flow of people on the scene, the layout of personnel needs to be rationally arranged, to keep the environment clean and tidy, so that customers are always comfortable and thus more willing Stay more and spend more and increase your income.

Finally, We suggested that the promotion form of the amusement park activities needs to be used flexibly to create a lively and lively play effect, to establish a good image of the amusement park, and the promotion method is constantly close to the needs of customers.

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