Mini sing song Pavilion market is booming
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2018-08-20 09:57:29
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In the past two years, a mini-song pavilion that looks like a telephone booth has appeared in crowded areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, and dining areas. This new format of the song pavilion covers an area of about 2 square meters, can accommodate 2-3 people, can gather, sing, record a variety of functions into one, is becoming a new consumer fashion.

Market heat is high

Since 2016, the number of mini-song kiosks has soared, and there have been merchants represented by Songgo mv, M-Bar, miniK, etc.; various investors have also settled in the mini-song market. The continuous layout of many capitals has made the market of mini songs and kiosks high.

According to relevant reports, the domestic mini-KTV market has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan last year. It is expected that the market scale will continue to expand in the next two years, and it is expected to exceed 14 billion yuan in 2019. According to estimates, the number of mini-song kiosks that have been put on the market has reached more than 30,000. According to industry analysts, the mini-song pavilion, a cultural space widely distributed in shopping malls, waiting areas and cinemas, fits well with fragmented time consumption and light. The concept of entertainment. Compared with traditional KTV, it is more convenient and faster, and it is easier to realize online and offline sharing interaction. The fast-growing mini-song pavilion has become a new format for providing cultural and entertainment services.

Market dilemma

In the summer, the reporter walked into a mini-song pavilion in Xidan Joy City, Beijing, and experienced it for a while. Although 30 yuan only sang 3 songs, it felt slightly worthless, but the reporter unexpectedly discovered that these three songs have been Automatically saved to the WeChat account, and can be shared in the circle of friends. The most interesting is that, in addition to sharing, but also to make these songs into the album. Xidan Joy City a property staff told reporters, most of these mini-singing kiosk users are awaiting admission to a viewing of the crowd, "many viewers will reserve ten minutes ahead of time to reach the theater, in this 'debris' time, some consumers will choose to sing a few songs to pass the time. "he said.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a few couples, they said, "a lot of fun, and there are air conditioning, stay inside very comfortable." In addition, from the feedback of users, the actual experience is that the sound effects of headphones, microphones and other devices are good, and the performances such as distortion and noise are close to the professional level of KTV. At the same time, the process of cutting songs, logging in to the room, etc. is smooth, and the equipment is responsive and has a good experience.

A person in charge of KTV said that if the mini-song pavilion can not meet the space needs of group consumers, and does not meet the expectations of individual consumers for sound equipment, its competitive advantage will be difficult to highlight.

Wei Pengju, dean of the School of Culture and Media of the Central University of Finance and Economics, analyzed that the current market share of mini songs and kiosks is relatively stable, but the threshold of the industry is relatively low, and technically, further research and development is needed to ensure deep expansion.

Many experts believe that the mini-song pavilion is different from traditional song and dance entertainment venues from setting to business model, and it is necessary to strengthen supervision and improve industry norms.

Last year, the former Ministry of Culture has held several meetings with relevant industry associations, as well as representative companies such as Mi Wei and You Sing, and issued the “Notice on Guiding the Healthy Development of the Mini Songs and Pavilions Market”, clearly requiring enterprises to place information on the mini songs and pavilions. The Ministry of the record.

A few days ago, the Cultural Market Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Online Recording System for Mini Songs and Pavilions", which will fully implement online filing management from all aspects. The cultural and tourism administrative departments at all levels and the comprehensive law enforcement agencies of the cultural market can view the enterprise information of the mini-song pavilion through the platform, and carry out the verification requirements for the record verification, daily inspection, problem feedback and data statistics of the mini-song pavilion in the jurisdiction.

development trend

Under the guidance of the central cultural administrative department, all levels of cultural and tourism administrative departments and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies are accelerating the mastery of the mini-song-song online filing system function, strengthening the management of the mini-song pavilion in the area under their jurisdiction, and fulfilling the formalities for filing The mini-song pavilion will ensure its normal operation; the mini-song pavilion that has not fulfilled the filing procedures will guide the enterprise to conduct online filing operations. The series of related normative construction initiatives have achieved initial results.

On the other hand, exploration within the industry is continuing. Mr. Zhou, a mini KTV developer, told reporters that “mini KTV is developing rapidly in first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou. It has become saturated. In order to avoid disputes with other brands, many mini KTV brands are Expand to third- and fourth-tier cities."

Many investors predict that in the future, the mini-song pavilion will inevitably usher in a brutal industry reshuffle, and it is inevitable that "big fish eat small fish". Even if the winners have to face more competition for offline entertainment, catching doll machines, VR games, etc. are all contenders for the mass fragmentation time. The 2017 China Offline Mini Song Pavilion Special Research Report released by Ai Media Consulting believes that although the offline mini song kiosk fully converts user fragmentation time into business opportunities, if it can not provide consumers with a good consumer experience, the line The new mini-song market is unlikely to continue to be profitable. In the next stage, mini-song kiosk manufacturers should continue to update according to user needs, provide more value-added services, and enhance user stickiness.

With the development of the mini-song kiosk filing system, the industry norms can be constructed, and the mini-song kiosk market will achieve healthy and orderly development.

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