The 'experience' that should be emphasized in the planning and design of theme parks!
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2018-08-17 09:21:18
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Why are the children's parades now planning for the theme park, so pay attention to the experience? As we all know, the slogan of Shanghai Disney Resort is to illuminate the dreams of the heart. The experience it creates is to let the beautiful girl realize the princess dream. Going to the paradise is the experience of dream-seeking.

The 'experience' that should be emphasized in the planning and design of theme parks!

First, experiential consumption

It can be said that now that it has entered the era of experiential consumption and experience economy, experiential marketing has become an advanced marketing concept and marketing method adopted by many enterprises to adapt to the new era. Experiential marketing is to design and produce products that satisfy customers' rationality and sensibility by investigating and understanding target markets and customers, and by means of experience.

Second, consumption characteristics

The main features are customer-centered, creating experience themes, experience as the carrier, rationality and sensibility, focusing on customer participation, leaving customers with unforgettable consumer experiences. The shaping of this kind of experience scene can often yield very good results.

In the planning and design of theme parks, the general consumption experience consists of five dimensions: sensory experience, emotional experience, thinking experience, action experience, and connected experience. These five dimensions have a significant impact on the value of experience, and the impact of thinking experience on the value of experience is the most Prominence, and the higher the experience value, the stronger the willingness to revisit and the willingness to recommend for the theme park.

The 'experience' that should be emphasized in the planning and design of theme parks!

Experience has always been the core of leisure and entertainment business, and as a theme park, it is based on a unique, vivid and happy experience. The theme park visitors pay more attention to the subjective feelings of surprise, shock, warmth and happiness, satisfying customers. Psychological experience such as satisfaction, freedom, commitment, excitement, and improvisation. This kind of experience allows investors to get out of the traditional misunderstanding, gain a strong competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market, and avoid blind follow-up and convergence.

Third, how to develop experiential services?

Then, how to carry out the theme park experiential service under fierce competition? The first is to establish a clear theme, although many theme parks are full of exciting and fresh entertainment projects, but these are just a lot of entertainment projects, lack of unity in the theme, can not be a good integration of various amusement projects.

The 'experience' that should be emphasized in the planning and design of theme parks!

The second is to speed up the renewal cycle. Amusement projects and amusement equipment are undoubtedly the most powerful expressions of experience, such as some aging and outdated phenomena, which seriously affect the quality of visitors' experience and the benefits will naturally be affected.

Finally, the tourist feedback system is established. The feedback from the tourists can make the theme park more accurately grasp the demand, and the evidence can be improved according to products and services. Nowadays, more and more experiential services appear in people's play, such as intelligent experience, product-based experience, etc., which are favored by tourists. More companies join, except OCT, Wanda, Evergrande, and Poly. Shimao, Zhongnan, China Resources, Country Garden, etc. have all entered this field, and the competition will be more intense, and it is more important to create their own characteristics.

With the advent of the experience economy era, theme parks should fully grasp the current situation in the fierce competition, clearly positioning, fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, strengthening the quality of experience services, and creating their own characteristics and advantages to occupy a place.

Fourth, the meaning of the theme experience

So what is the value of the theme experience? People's desire for improvement of the living environment has always existed. With the steady development of society, people have paid more attention to the pursuit of spiritual level after the satisfaction of food, clothing, housing and transportation. Modern people go to the restaurant to eat or entertain guests. Often the first thing to consider is not the taste of the restaurant dishes but the right environment. Obviously, nowadays, in addition to simply eating, people begin to pay more attention to the eating experience. Under this social trend, the immersive experience given by environmental packaging is crucial.

In the part of the theme park "Immersive Entertainment", the packaging is the main role of the theme atmosphere of the park and the world view. The main purpose of the packaging here is to restore the truth. The so-called reality here is not just about making real objects. Like, but to make a look in the theme story description, restore a real theme world. The industry leader in Disney and Universal Studios each package is designed to tell the story and is part of the story. Designers hope that visitors to the park can immediately immerse themselves in the context of their set-up, so their packaging reminds you of another wonderful world.

The 'experience' that should be emphasized in the planning and design of theme parks!

Fifth, the source of the theme experience

Focus on the Disney World of Animals in May 2017. As the latest theme area of Disney, it really refreshes the height of Paradise's “immersion entertainment”. The exquisite packaging of suspended mountains and glowing plants show builders. The ambition: that is to create a true Pandora world. Even if you stay in the park without playing other projects, it is also immersive and lingering.

In 2009, Cameron's "Avatar" created a new height of 3D movies, and people experienced the feeling of "immersive" in the movie theater. Of course, if Pandora really exists, it is more than "immersive". A more realistic experience is to bring the audience to the real Pandora planet. I believe that it is because of this idea that Disney recreated this super-realistic reality in the animal kingdom. According to the original film story, and continued, the theme area was named "Mo"ara Valley". The story background timeline used was A few hundred years after the film's story, the Earth Mining Group (RDA) was defeated and moved away from Pandora. The Centaur Expedition (ACE) developed the valley into a Pandora research and travel base, and the identity of the tourists became a logical one. Travelers to Pandora. Everything fits the logic of the original story IP.

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