8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park
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2018-08-11 10:13:20
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Children's playground success marketing case

There are many ways to market the playground. The most important thing is to adapt the local customs and habits according to local conditions. The following are the strategies that have been experimented in the field and are very effective. But not necessarily for all amusement parks. We are listed here for reference only, the purpose is to open up the ideas of everyone, and master some analytical methods of marketing ideas.

8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park

Marketing has certain special characteristics, mainly in:

1. The decision-making power of children's consumption is in the parents' playground. The playground not only has to win the children's love, but also the parents' approval, at least not to let the parents resent.

2. The amusement project has a certain timeliness. After a certain period of time, the child's freshness will be reduced.

3. The target customer of the children's playground is a child. Safety and environmental protection are issues that must be considered.

1 The secret of using "assistant"

Case: A playground, when you first opened, there were more people watching and fewer people playing. The manager later thought of using "assistant", when the peak of the daily flow, the introduction of several high-level "assistant" on the dance machine, boxing to perform (at that time the popularity is very strong, surrounded by several layers of people around the machine), other people usually do not have people The machine to play, but also to find other "trust" to play, so many prospective customers in the playground have become consumer customers, a week later, the turnover and popularity of the venue is like a blowout.

Summary: New equipment and emerging affairs need to be guided, and prospective customers like to imitate. So sometimes it is important to use "trust". Operators should not always complain that the machine itself is not fun. Each device has its playability, otherwise the device will not exist. “Assistant” can be a more skilled employee in the storefront, and can also be found from customers.

8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park

2 use the "Drainage" mystery

Case 1: There is a lot of ticket machine in a playground. On a weekend afternoon, there is a fault in the big square carousel, but you can continue the game, but the ball is easy to fall into that big hole. The waiters and managers in the store didn't notice much, and soon the machine surrounded a lot of adults and children, only to see the lottery kept spit out. Under the guidance of the waiter, the machine began to line up to play. In the evening, the maintenance personnel also checked the problem, but there was no way to repair it. The store manager is not too good, and will simply count. The next day, let the waiter tell a lot of people that this machine is easy to get a lottery ticket. This machine, this machine is on fire for a long time, everyone around you knows, and people who often play in other stores come. They are all watching this machine, and some people are really impatient, and they are going to play other machines. In this way, the popularity of the venue became more popular than before, and the cashier's income also increased a lot (to remove some losses from that machine).

Case 2: There is a place where two playgrounds are very close. One is relatively large, the other is small, and there are several devices similar to adult entertainment. At the beginning, the big business was hot, and the small one was very poor. But after a while, the small family did not add any equipment, and the popularity was very hot. In the early morning, some people went to the queue to grab the position. Later, when they sent people to investigate, there was a machine. Those who took the machine would earn in nine out of ten. This model lasted for two months. The small venue was hot every day, and the big venue almost closed.

Summary: Venue management should be good at finding "opportunities." There aren't many coups, but they can be used in the end. The customer's psychology is to entertain, but also with a profitable attitude. So grasping the key point can drive the overall situation. The small venue mentioned above is to earn popularity and make business again.

8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park

3 use nepotism relationship marketing

A subway station has gathered a lot of businesses, and some have sold sports goods. Because of the relationship with the playground upstairs, the two came together to market, and there are many gifts for the playground to get goods from this house. Customers who come to buy sporting goods can basically try their luck on the playground. The borrowed equipment includes basketball machines and boxing machines (basketball machines and boxing machines are also packaged through sports goods), and video games are collected by customers. The amount of money given to the player, if the customer exceeds a certain score, the customer can also get other gifts (of course, provided by the sports goods store), the playground does not charge advertising fees, but the sports store is charged every time the customer plays the money. Later, the sports goods store kept sending messages to customers. "Shopping can be won, and gifts are waiting for you to come." Over time, playgrounds and sporting goods stores have gained a lot.

To sum up: To do any business, you need to start your brain. If you stick to the rules, then there is only a "dead road." In today's society, the business environment is basically "Red Sea", but through the ideas, you will find ways and means, you will find a "blue ocean" in the industry. Reverse thinking, anti-conventional thinking is the marketing commanding height of modern business society.

4 use the competition to market

Many of the equipment in the playground are programs that simulate sports and sports, so it is easy to form a game rule. Customers like to play, not every day are willing to come, but if you form a competitive group, so that they can compete with the master to become a master of other people's worship, then this is probably not the same. Therefore, the competition in the playground is a must for marketing. The regular playground should plan the following similar games into a plan, and it will benefit a lot from the operation.

(1) Shooting match

(2) Dance machine competition

(4) Racing and motorcycle racing

(5) Fighting machine series competition

8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park

5 use "birthday party" to market

Birthday party marketing is a bit like McDonald's, KFC's kids birthday party. The customers in the video game city are all young people. Every time they celebrate their birthday, they hope to find a more entertaining occasion. On the one hand, the playground can reflect customer care through birthday party activities. On the other hand, it can be through birthday party. Increase one-day revenue (young people have three or five birthdays). It is important to know that kids birthday party is an important marketing method for McDonald's.

6 use "club" to market

The game of the playground cannot be carried out every day, but the "club" can be used to draw other members to form the main force in the playground. Otherwise, other members are easily taken away by other competitors. Creating a club is as simple as setting up an area for a certain type of device, looking for some posters, equipment and books to decorate the device. If you have a playground, you can hire some professionals to guide you one or two, or you can select people to participate in high-level competitions. If you love this device, you want to participate.

To sum up: things are clustered, people are grouped, and mass-class entertainment can form groups. Once the atmosphere of the club is formed, other competitors can only be discouraged and will be the second child.

7 use the billboards, the leaderboard to market

Leaderboards: The operation of playgrounds generally has a regional nature, and many customers are familiar with each other. If the record holders or the first few of the equipment in the playground are ranked, one is to let the masters vanity get great satisfaction, and the other is that many people are not convinced, so that invisible customers compete. The pattern is highlighted. As a playground, it is definitely the biggest winner.

Billboards and leaflets: The billboards are placed at the entrance of the door, and the X frame of the event promotion content is placed at the front desk or in a conspicuous place. Considering that the playground is underneath, you must make a large billboard on the ground, and it is best to make a guide sign on the ground and on the ground.

Signage: The signboard here is not an ordinary signboard, but a marketing card. If you pay attention to the lottery point of sale, you know that the lottery point of sale likes to hang a banner: "Congratulations to our customers for two million prizes." This kind of banner indicates that the lottery shop is a luck store, and it is very colorful that people like to be happy. If the playground uses this method on a certain device, it is estimated that it will bring a lot of word of mouth.

Balloons can also be distributed free of charge: the name, address and other information of the playground will be printed on the balloon and sent to children in the bustling area of the business, which will be good. In addition, you should set up a prominent sign in the underground shopping mall to guide customers to the playground.

At the end of the game, send a bottle of drink, or an ice cream, balloons, small toys, etc. In order to maintain a planned return of the passenger flow, it will bring cyclic benefits.

8 successful marketing cases for the amusement park

8 use "smart method" marketing

Case: There is a playground in Kunming. The popularity of the equipment and the environment are good. However, the store has used a trick to “stimulate the law” and lost some benefits, but it has brought many customers who did not have it. There is a device, the store manager does not charge the coin, and each person who comes to play has 100 yuan for free. If the guest has 400 yuan in one hour, the boss will reward the cash on the spot. This is the way, there are many people who come to try their luck, and more than half of them are disappointing, but they also have good luck. This method was used in less than ten days, and many people in the playground were attracted. The boss and the store manager implemented good service among them, and most of them became his customers.

In the holidays, you can set a certain "free zone". Children will have an interest after playing in the free zone, and then promote the consumption of other facilities. They can also give customers a coupon of 1 yuan or 2 yuan to guide them to come next time. consumption. At the same time, you can take a package (bundle some rides, such as 10 yuan to play three rides, etc.), monthly tickets and other preferential methods for promotion, you can also set group discounts for some facilities, such as trampoline, if single 10 yuan, you can take the promotion of two people 16 yuan, three people 20 yuan, and slogan "take your partner, play together."

Summary: Game machine equipment is the same as other stores. The environment is the same as other people. Because of this marketing method, the store has gained popularity. The advertising efficiency of the whole event is very good and the communication is very fast. This way of letting ads go out and bringing customers in is worth recommending.

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