VR machine is highly sought after or become the key to breaking the ice in the VR market
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2018-08-10 14:21:01
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Virtual reality (VR) devices are recognized as the next generation of electronic devices that will replace mobile phones. The VR all-in-one that does not require a mobile phone or computer is the prototype of future VR devices.

Everyone knows that VR is virtual reality, and the "one machine" is a whole set of one. The VR machine is a head-mounted virtual reality display device with independent processor, with independent computing, input and output functions. In simple terms, it can be used independently without relying on virtual reality devices from other auxiliary devices.

It can be said that following the high-end PC VR head-display device, the VR all-in-one market has become the target of many VR hardware manufacturers. Especially in the recent period, the industry's news about VR all-in-one has come one after another: Oculus Go launched commercial version, Qualcomm released XR chip for VR/AR equipment, 618 Pico and Xiaomi won the sales of Jingdong and Tmall platform VR all-in-one respectively The champion, Pico Little Monster 2 has also been released. Among them, Pico has caused quite a lot of repercussions in the industry recently.

VR machine is highly sought after or become the key to breaking the ice in the VR market

Recently, Pico completed the A round of financing, which is the first public financing since Pico was established in 2015. The financing scale is 167.5 million yuan.

On July 31st, the Pico Monster 2 VR machine was released in Beijing, equipped with a Snapdragon 835 platform, 3K screen, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM. Equipped with 3dof handle and battery rear (3500mAh). At the press conference, Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei said: "It is precisely because of the little monsters that Pico has opened up the era of universal acceptance of mobile VR all-in-ones, while establishing three major directions for VR, AR and 3D-based information vision."

In fact, Zhou Hongwei's statement is not touted. From the current smart phone market, despite the slowdown in growth, VR has been accumulating in the past few years. Coupled with the performance improvement of the mobile terminal, this year, HTC vive and Xiaomi's VR all-in-one machine have been released. Now, the appearance of Pico Little Monster 2 will definitely bring different experiences to consumers in the VR field.

VR machine is highly sought after or become the key to breaking the ice in the VR market

Of course, to say why the VR all-in-one machine is hot, we must start from its own advantages. At present, the experience of PC-side devices on the market is excellent, but the overall price is relatively high, while the mobile phone VR box is relatively low-end, although the price is more acceptable to the public, but the experience is poor.

Compared with the above two, the VR all-in-one machine gets rid of the restrictions attached to other computing terminals. In 2018, we saw a number of new VR all-in-one products that are not performing well. The experience brought by these new products is not in some respects. Losing PCVR not only enables data wireless transmission, real-time processing, and the product is light in size, and the experience is good, which is well received by people. In addition, the price of the VR all-in-one is also very close to the people, and is very popular among consumers. This is one of the reasons why many manufacturers are optimistic.

At the same time, along with the development of streaming and cloud VR technology, in the near future, through the VR all-in-one machine, we can fully obtain the high-quality experience that can be provided by PCVR.

VR machine is highly sought after or become the key to breaking the ice in the VR market

However, the VR all-in-one machine is not without defects. As far as the VR all-in-one machine on the market is concerned, the overall function is not as strong as the PC helmet, and it is more inclined to light and small applications such as video and social, but for now, this basic Can meet the requirements of ordinary consumers.

In addition, the VR all-in-one battery life and the lack of scalable storage space are also a major challenge. A PC connected like a cable can get almost unlimited power and storage, but the VR all-in-one is not good at this. Therefore, in the future, large-capacity batteries and large space storage will be the focus of VR all-in-one.

Of course, the advent of the 5G era will bring new changes to the VR machine. With the higher capacity, lower latency and better network uniformity brought by 5G, many technical problems of the VR all-in-one will be solved.

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