Indoor Children's Amusement Park Business Guide -- Only know how to operate is profitable!
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How to open a children's amusement park? What are the investments in opening a children's amusement park? How to operate an indoor children's amusement park? What kind of amusement equipment should be equipped for a children's amusement park? This is a question for every investment and amusement industry. Let's make some Refer to the recommendations.

Investors are optimistic about the indoor children's amusement park investment market. To win, it depends on whether the amusement parks operated by them have sufficient appeal, and whether they can satisfy the higher pursuit of young parents' consumption quality in product characteristics and store management.

For example, is the children's playground equipment product rich enough, safe enough, the product portfolio is scientific, whether it can extend more educational significance, whether the amusement park staff is friendly, and whether the amusement park environment is clean and so on.

children play in naughty castle

The site in the early stage should be considered

Investing in a children's amusement park is a hugely expensive project. To recover costs and profits in a short period of time, it takes a lot of effort from long-term planning, from pre-investment market research to post-operational management.

For any project, the evaluation and budget of the pre-investment is crucial. It is the key to the success or failure of a project. Children's amusement park investment should be considered in the early stage.

First of all, the age group of the target audience for the children's amusement park should be determined. It is 0 to 6 years old who did not go to school, or just entered the school.

Secondly, the floor space of the amusement park should be considered comprehensively. If it is too small, it may affect the long-term operation in the future, and it should be carefully evaluated according to its own financial situation.

Again, it is necessary to compare and analyze which kind of children's playground equipment to invest in. The traditional children's naughty castle has low cost, but the sanitary condition is poor and the interaction is not strong. The electric new naughty castle has limited age and high cost, but it is good for parent-child interaction, high safety and health coefficient, and the open environment gives the eyes. A new feeling.

At the same time, the choice of venue is also very important. An assessment of the flow of people around the site and the business prospects should be made in advance. Consider choosing a large shopping mall, supermarket, large community, etc., and the popularity determines the income.

In addition, the choice of brand for children's playground equipment. It is best to go to the brand to conduct on-the-spot investigations, to see the operation status and scale of the venue, and then to investigate the production reputation, delivery status, and after-sales service quality, and also allow the brand to provide several amusement parks for which they have long-term cooperation. For example, the educational and fun interactive platform is very good. It can create a diversified mode of teaching and learning for children. It is a good children's creative paradise, allowing the baby to enjoy a happy parent-child time, and also has a variety of training courses and specialization. Attractive, parents are also assured.

Indoor Children's Paradise Business Guide —— Only know how to operate is profitable!

Fee location first visit the market

The feeIt is too expensive and no one is come to play. The fee is cheaper and slower back! It is understood that there is no unified reference price for children's amusement equipment fee standards. It is necessary to calculate the specific consumption according to the local consumption level and parents' attitudes and inputs to children. For example: naughty castle, usually 5 yuan once. In developed areas, you can charge 15 yuan once, and underdeveloped places can fee 3 yuan once.

Mechanical amusement equipment, like Huaguoshan drifting, fighting Shark Island, crazy magic car, rotating coffee cup, etc., is usually 15 to 20 yuan.

In the course of business, there may be so-called single-vote (only one time to buy a ticket), monthly, year, and other different types of specifications, you can first visit the market to see the market.


Post promotion should highlight personality

A good children's amusement park must have its own characteristics in order to continue to operate for a long time. It must have a keen insight into the market, understand the needs of children, and let the children constantly accept new things and help their minds in the process of playing. development of.

In terms of promotion, we can consider cooperation and interaction with institutions related to the nature of children, and at the same time establish a paradise member's file for better service and promotion in the later stage.

The most important thing is to highlight personalization. At present, there are many children's entertainment places on the market. If a new type of children's amusement park wants to attract customers in a short time, it must use novel equipment and visual impact products to attract children's attention.

Indoor Children's Paradise Business Guide —— Only know how to operate is profitable!

Featured service projects give parents peace of mind

A personalized playground will make kids happy to come and play. At the same time, we must also think that parents are willing to send their children.

Therefore, first of all, it is best to do physical checkups before children enter the school. The main project is to test body temperature. Parents who bring their children to your play will feel safe and feel that you are in good health.

Secondly, it is necessary to leave enough room for parents to rest, and even consider setting up several computer desks and providing free WIFI Internet access services, so that parents who accompany their children will have something to do, and they will feel that the service of the playground is more humane.

In addition, you can also provide paid care services, such as 1 or 2 kindergarten teachers, parents can go out and rest assured that they can go out and pay by the hour. In normal times, these kindergarten teachers can also provide parent-child guidance for children and parents free of charge on the court.

Doing the above is sure to bring a lot of help to the operation of the children's playground!

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