The three principles of the children's playground make your project a “flow black hole”!
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2018-08-09 11:39:37
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According to the latest urban child consumption survey, the number of children aged 0-14 in China has reached 260 million, accounting for 18.6% of the total population. The consumption of urban children in China accounts for more than 33% of total household expenditure, and the total consumption exceeds one trillion yuan.

With the continuous expansion of the domestic children's consumer market, children's theme parks have sprung up like mushrooms. However, due to lack of sufficient market guidance and capital investment, the overall quality of children's theme parks is not high, the homogenization phenomenon is serious, and the market competition is extremely fierce.

The three principles of the children's playground make your project a “flow black hole”!

Faced with such a large number of customers and huge market, how to optimize the selection of recreational projects to create a children's theme park that can meet the needs of children's entertainment and meet the growing consumption needs of parents for the comprehensive development of children's intelligence, physical strength and emotional intelligence. This requires these three principles to be followed during the design process:

First, the principle of security

The safety of the ride is the basis for the success or failure of any theme park. The safety of children's theme parks is even more urgent.

Whether parents and children choose a children's paradise, or whether a children's paradise can survive, safety is the primary criterion.

Through strict design optimization and technical review during the design stage, strict supplier screening, manufacturing and installation and acceptance of strict process control in the tendering stage, all aspects of safety quality can be improved from all aspects to effectively eliminate all safety hazards and ensure the children's playground project. Recognition and continued vitality. No project can withstand the impact of a security incident.

The three principles of the children's playground make your project a “flow black hole”!

Second, the principle of competitiveness

Whether a children's playground is competitive and whether it can stand out in the fierce competition is essentially dependent on the innovative design of the ride and the outstanding project quality.

Through independent innovation combined with external resources, we will carry out innovations in the play experience and play mode of amusement projects; and cooperate with planning and design, equipment manufacturers, and customize the corresponding amusement projects in combination with the theme of children's parks to create their own characteristics and unique qualities. Children's Paradise brand, which effectively enhances the influence and appeal of the park.

The three principles of the children's playground make your project a “flow black hole”!

 Third, the principle of interaction

The design and selection of children's theme parks can never ignore the existence of parents. On the contrary, whether to choose parent-child projects where parents and children can participate at the same time will become the key to affecting the attraction of children's playgrounds.

Children's theme parks should provide a family-friendly platform for parents and children to interact and share happiness, so that every family member can enjoy the fun of family fun here.

With the continuous development of technology, the demand for amusement equipment by modern children is not limited to the passive experience. They need more engaging participation, richer interactions and more realistic experiences, and the interactive nature of the rides has become the essence of the attraction of children's playgrounds.

Through children and parents, parents and parents, interspersed with projects and projects, etc., it can greatly enrich the participation, immersion and fun of children and parents, and will effectively enhance the core competitiveness of children's playgrounds.

With the continuous upgrading of domestic consumption levels and consumption concepts, simple amusement project display can no longer meet the consumption needs of parents and children for children's playgrounds.

to sum up

Only through the combination of innovative and distinctive themes and subtle combinations of projects can the children's paradise be endowed with vitality and soul.

This requires that in the early stage of the planning and design phase, each characteristic amusement project and the theme of the park should be skillfully combined to create a theme park with a clear theme and unique style, so that the children can experience the carefully created theme while playing. The atmosphere gives visitors a distinct impression of the theme.

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