how much does it cost to open a smart interactive gymnasium?
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2021-12-18 14:36:24
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nowadays, some investors who smell the opportunity of digital sports halls have quietly found the huge business opportunities and novelties of the ai simulation training hall, and opened stores in various places with the support of our marketing department and the assistance of the operation team, and the progress is smooth and the gold absorption is very strong. up to now, we have helped investors establish dozens of electronic interactive stadiums in china. basically, most of the projects are opened locally, without exception, creating a sensation in the local entertainment service industry, guests lingering, door-to-door, and huge revenue.

how much does it cost to open a smart interactive gymnasium?

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recently, the people of the whole country have rapidly improved their living standards, our country and the people's attention to physical exercise, and now many people have begun to recognize the correct attitude to sports and healthy life. the previous sports training hall and gym, for some friends, the threshold is still relatively a little, sports training feel boring and there is no motivation to continue!

the first few freshnesses can't be held on without a large part of the friends. and the increasingly popular digital interactive simulation sports hall, the scientific use of ai, projection, motion physiology, image capture, motion science, ai and other cutting-edge multidisciplinary cutting-edge technology, developed a real sports gameplay, immersive, deep somatosensory intelligent simulation training hall. let the player, let the friends, let the experiencer feel the charm of science and technology, experience the charm of sports, the biggest feature of completing sports fitness is that players do not need to use too much physical strength to experience a variety of simulated sports equipment for a long time, the most interesting thing is that customers can enjoy a long experience, do not have to think too much about physical strength, the most important thing is that customers do not have to pay too much physical strength in the process of experience, not tired! just ask you if the incense is fragrant??!!

how much does it cost to open a smart interactive gymnasium?

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how much does it cost to open a smart interactive gymnasium?

for some customer consultations, how much money to invest in opening an electronic simulation experience hall, let's briefly introduce.

the main part of the investment : location: what location in what city is opened area: the size of the site area that the customer needs to do

decoration: different
grades of decoration equipment: what price grade equipment

to use combined with the actual situation of cities with different consumption levels in china, customers, our team can give investors a rough, relative average investment amount, for your reference only:

100 square meters: 300,000-600,000
200 square meters: 70w-90w
500 square meters: 150w-220w
more than 1000 square meters: according to 3000 yuan per square meter
therefore, although the digital interactive sports hall has a strong ability to absorb gold, it is still very difficult and high threshold when it comes to investing in and opening a store.

our company can go to the national door-to-door planning and inspection without charging and out of the site planning and design drawings and renderings, and the owners of the digital sports hall who are interested in doing it are welcome to communicate with us!

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