how much money does it cost to open an ai simulation training gym?
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2021-12-25 13:51:07
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how much money is required to open an ai simulation training hall recently, the living standards of our people have been more and more obviously improved, and our country and people's attention to sports and fitness is now a large number of people are paying attention to the correct concept of sports and healthy life. the previous sports training hall and gym, compared to many friends, the threshold is still relatively a little, sports training feel boring and there is no motivation to continue!

playing a few times is basically afraid of difficulties and does not want to continue. and our high-tech digital simulation sports hall, fully using machinery, projection, sound and photoelectricity, exercise physiology, ai and other cutting-edge technologies, developed a real sports play, full simulation, immersive electronic interactive experience hall. let players, let people, let customers feel the charm of science and technology, have fun, experience the charm of sports the biggest feature is that players do not need to use too much physical strength to experience a variety of simulated sports equipment for a long time, the most important thing is that customers do not have to pay too much physical strength in the process of experience, not tired, the key is not tired! just ask everyone, incense is not fragrant??!!

how much money does it cost to open an ai simulation training gym?

digital sports hall equipment

how much money does it cost to open an ai simulation training gym?

at present, some shrewd bosses quietly know the huge business opportunities and novelty of the ai simulation training hall, and open stores in various places with our support, which is progressing smoothly and absorbing gold very strongly. so far, our company has helped bosses build more than 50 intelligent interactive gymnasiums in china. most of the projects in the local area as long as the opening, without exception, have caused a huge sensation in the local entertainment industry, the door is like a market, the store is full of customers.

how much money does it cost to open an ai simulation training gym?

digital gymnasium equipment

for some friends' consultation on the digital sports hall, how much money needs to be invested to open a digital interactive sports hall, let me give friends a brief introduction.

the main part of the investment : area: the size of the site area that the customer needs to do equipment: what price bracket equipment to use

decoration: different decoration grades
location: different cities different commercial locations cost different

combined with the actual situation of cities with different consumption levels in china, our team tries to give investors a rough average investment amount, only for the reference of friends:

100 square meters: 30-60w
200 square meters: 70w-90w
500 square meters: 1.5 million-2.2 million

more than 1,000 square meters: calculated

according to about 3,000 yuan per square meter comprehensively described above, although the digital simulation sports hall has a strong ability to absorb gold, it is still very difficult and threshold when it comes to investing in their own stores. we can go to the whole country to visit and plan for free and out of the site planning design drawings and renderings, friends who intend to do digital sports hall are welcome to communicate with us!

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