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It is often a mistake to run a children's playground
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2021-07-12 16:22:16
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Many operators who have just started to manage children's playgrounds often encounter the problem of children's playgrounds not making a profit. In fact, as long as you find operational problems, the cure for the disease, you can solve the crisis. What mistakes are often made by operators in the operation of children's playgrounds? Let's analyze it with you!

It is often a mistake to run a children's playground

First, do not combine their own reality, there is no in-depth analysis of the amusement project. There are many operators will fall into such a misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, which amusement projects popular on which to choose. In fact, sometimes due to the effect of industrial agglomeration, if the operators operate amusement projects too similar, it will lead to unnecessary competition, resulting in the separation of customer base. In the face of the market full of children's play projects, operators should observe whether the amusement equipment is new, but also fully understand the market, and combined with their own circumstances, to open suitable for the local amusement market indoor children's playground.

Second, choose children's park equipment, no one interacts with people. To create a popular children's playground, the most critical is children's play equipment, good children's play equipment is the fundamental profit, and good interaction can make amusement equipment extend the life cycle, repeated play without getting tired of, so not only to achieve human interaction with machines, but also to achieve human interaction "competition."

It is often a mistake to run a children's playground

Third, did not do the main second clear. We can see a lot of indoor children's playgrounds generally named "xx children's theme park". In fact, in planning the overall project, I forgot what the theme of the park was. Post-procurement equipment is not targeted, late-planned equipment does not highlight their own themes. So how do you avoid this misunderstanding? In order to avoid the situation of the main situation, it is necessary to do some work in the field decoration, play equipment and so on. You can plan and promote the theme around the park, for a long time, your theme in everyone's mind also has an exclusive label.

Fourth, the degree of heat and cold is not the right match. Generally speaking, the reasonable allocation of children's playground is to combine popular projects with cold-call projects for rational planning. We see that some indoor children's playgrounds are popular, others are cold and deserted, which is very detrimental to the operation of children's playgrounds. Some venues are limited in size, and if popular projects are more concentrated, tourists will crowd together, resulting in some tourists crowding in and losing, which has led to other relatively cold projects, has not been paid attention to. Therefore, we want to let hot and cold projects scientific interspersed, so that popular projects include cold projects, cold projects also have hot items, so that visitors can fully play, but also through popular projects to drive the operation of cold projects. The project runs through the site, and only in this way can customers be retained as much as possible.

It is often a mistake to run a children's playground

V. It is unwise to seek all the money. In the market, we can see some indoor children's playground area is very large, there are not many items to play, so that visitors feel that there is nothing to play with. It's hard for operators to bring together the atmosphere in the park. There are also some indoor children's playground is relatively small in size, the placement of machinery and equipment is very much, feel can't wait to put on, the whole space makes people feel very depressed. Mistakes in both cases can be a bad experience for customers. Therefore, in planning indoor children's playground, according to the size and shape of the site to carry out reasonable project planning and scientific arrangements, to avoid greedy practices.

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