What are the taboos of opening a children's playground?
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2021-07-10 11:43:30
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Children's playground has become a more mature amusement project, by more and more parents and children's recognition, but also become the operator's trustworthy business projects. However, in the face of fierce competition, many investors who are just starting out in children's playgrounds often run into many problems. Come and let us know today what taboos are in children's playgrounds.

What are the taboos of opening a children's playground?

Don't blindly follow the trend of investment. At present, the children's playground industry is a relatively popular project is naturally the choice of many people. Due to the industrial agglomeration effect and industrial homogenization is serious, the operation of children's park projects can be said to be oversupply, resulting in unnecessary competition and the dispersion of the target customer group, which in turn affects the operation and profitability of the park, can not afford to pay, the park natural loss closed down.

Don't pay attention to location selection. To know that children's park consumption object is children, and the real ability to consume is parents, so in the location must also parents of some consumption trajectory, remind investors in the location of the field investigation is very critical, according to brand characteristics, how much to consider the size of their own investment, must not blindly seek large, resulting in the opening of operating capital difficulties.

Taboo publicity promotion is not in place: remind investors if the publicity is not in place, publicity is not enough, many parks will be the target customer group neglect, no one asked. Since the opening of the park, the park's popularity gradually showed a downward trend, and finally the park operation is dismal, it can only be a quiet end.

What are the taboos of opening a children's playground?

Avoid for the immediate small profits and ignore the big hidden dangers that may occur. Remind investors that crowding can exceed the carrying limits of rides, which can easily lead to safety incidents. Therefore, investors should be reminded that the number of players cannot be controlled because of the drive of interest. In the event of a safety incident, there are a number of other serious problems.

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