Basic planning for outdoor children's playgrounds
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2021-06-18 10:57:44
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The core of the outdoor theme park is the theme experience, and the theme of the shaping generally comes from the leading role of the amusement project, but not all, the amusement equipment is too subtle and always is the category of mechanical equipment, so also need to come from the surrounding environment, so the complementary landscape design is a strong design to highlight its theme color, for the whole garden atmosphere rendering and control also play an important foundational role.

Basic planning for outdoor children's playgrounds

Small rock climbing can give children just the right exercise effect, competition, entertainment effect is also outstanding; Combined with the advantages of the slide: classic relaxing and casual games, slope play atmosphere is good enough, such a park can carry more childhood happy hours.

One of the advantages of an outdoor theme park is the addition of the natural environment, facing the blue sky, the mountains and waters show and freedom. So just the right landscape design is the finishing touch for the theme park.

No matter what nature of the theme park its purpose is to bring more people joy, children's theme park naturally corresponds to children, children most of the time just passively accept from adults' world view, so we want them to see what kind of world they will get what kind of recognition, and the outdoor park's natural environment is how the image, for the children's group is self-evident importance.

Children's Playground Environment not only reflects the fun of children's playground, but also gives children free play space. Therefore, in the design process of children's playground, space should be left to children, entertainment and outdoor space combined, through the extension of space to provide children with a rich sensory world.

Basic planning for outdoor children's playgrounds

Through the professional perspective of children's park design planning, education is integrated into entertainment. It greatly enhances what they learn more in play. Continuously introduce a series of courses to enable children to learn in the game, through entertainment to enhance the appeal of education.

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