What is the budget for a small naughty castle park in a fourth-tier city?
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2021-06-03 19:36:05
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First- and second-tier cities small naughty castle park a lot, basically can be said to be saturated state, coupled with tens of thousands of dollars of rent, so that investors breathless, so, entrepreneurs are also more optimistic about the development of third- and fourth-tier cities children's parks, third- and fourth-tier cities overall development, all aspects are not as good as first- and second-tier cities, but given the higher cost of start-up, investors will be happy to choose less risky cities Recently is also the climax of children's park shop, soon ushered in the summer vacation, many investors are in a hurry to open before the summer vacation, just before preparing to open a shop, is the need to prepare venture capital, four-tier cities to open a small naughty castle park budget is about how much, investors need to prepare how much money, in order to ensure that the opening process, will not be due to funding problems, temporary suspension.

What is the budget for a small naughty castle park in a fourth-tier city?

It is not difficult to find that the opening of small children's naughty castle park, not only need the venue, but also need to decorate and buy amusement equipment, before opening also children's park publicity, if the children's park area is large, but also need staff, if you choose to join the way, also need to pay the brand joining fee, of course, also do not rule out the choice of joining way, also do not need to submit brand joining fees, this understanding of the Tinker Cat brand.

Children's park site rental costs are based on the degree of economic city development and local prosperity and area to budget, to the fourth-tier city 100 square meters of small children's park rental costs, rough calculation, the rental cost of about 3000 yuan, but also exclude more or less, the final rental cost is how much, to the actual situation to analyze is the most accurate.

Naughty Castle Children's Park a set of equipment quotations are different, some are calculated by set, some are calculated by square, regardless of the calculation method, are related to the choice of amusement equipment, and Naughty Castle amusement equipment is more, but generally are small-based, such as Ocean ball pool, trampoline, slide, rocking and so on, although the play equipment also has different grades, but the general price in 300-1000 yuan is more appropriate, usually a complete set of amusement equipment down, to 100 square meters for example, Play equipment is quoted at 6-8 million.

Fourth-tier city small children's naughty castle budget, mainly to rent and play equipment- and play equipment-based, but also the budget is relatively large two aspects, the rest of the decoration and publicity, in the fourth-tier city, parents and children's requirements are not very high, then the funds can be small to simple decoration-oriented, but to be simple and clear, to create a warm environment, and publicity can be used to hand out flyers, low cost, more clear objectives, therefore, decoration and publicity costs are about 1-2 million.

Therefore, the budget of the fourth-tier city small children's naughty castle park is about 10-15 million, investors can according to their own venture capital to plan how to reasonably at the lowest cost, open a satisfactory children's park.

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