Three-child policy is coming, will the children's playground turn up again?
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2021-06-02 18:58:27
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At this moment can only use "good happy, good excitement" to express the inner mood, this is the voice of the owner of the children's paradise, on the last day of May, that is, the 31st, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting, the meeting pointed out that further optimize the fertility policy, the implementation of a couple can The policy of having three children and supporting measures, simply put, "three-child birth policy is coming!", children's paradise once in the two-child open policy, ushered in the climax, then today's "three-child birth", children's paradise will once again set off a boom? In fact, from the only child of national policy to the second child to today's third child, the policy gradually encourages the direction of fertility evolution, in the future there will be four children? It's all unknown, but it shows that the future of children's playgrounds is brighter.

Three-child policy is coming, will the children's playground turn up again?

In the past the rise of e-commerce, most of the physical stores are affected, serious is to close or change, and experienced cinemas, children's playgrounds, etc. have not been affected, but will be better, more mainstream commercial real estate, especially children's playgrounds gradually become the standard of major shopping malls, shopping centers, it is understood that China's 0-14-year-old children have more than 200 million numbers, in the face of huge data, but also the driving force of the development of children's industry, children's playgrounds are becoming the industry's incense.

The introduction of each major national policy means the emergence of a new economic growth point, since the last second child policy opened, the children's industry set off a wave of baby boom, children's playground children's consumption ratio will be further improved, then this time the three-child policy, will also appear a new economic growth, through the children's business-driven household consumption is the driving force of business code, children are the core of the family, especially the second-tier cities, I believe that the future three children's policy, the full implementation, The children's industry is bound to be a huge business opportunity, especially the children's playground industry.

Today, the market development of children's playground from the first- and second-tier cities to the third- and fourth-tier cities, as well as the slowly rising townships and rural areas, after the opening of the three-child policy, the number of children will continue to increase, the development of children's paradise is more beneficial, I believe that in the future there will be more investors to join the children's park industry, children's playground is the future of the blue sea.

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