How much does the investment in indoor children's playground have to do with anything?
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2021-06-01 19:34:27
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Indoor Children's Playground has many amusements, and is safe, recognized by children and parents, not only that, but also because of low investment costs, high returns, by investors, with the development of indoor children's playground more and more mature, and there are many success rate cases, many entrepreneurs intend to open an indoor children Paradise, in the entrepreneurial process, choose entrepreneurial projects, and then prepare venture capital, and finally began to act, in preparation for venture capital many entrepreneurs are more concerned about how much money needs to be prepared, and where these funds are used, also know, how much investment in children's playgrounds are different, how much actual investment, with what?

How much does the investment in indoor children's playground have to do with anything?

Indoor children's park investment costs mainly include brand joining fees, venue rent, play equipment fees, decoration fees, publicity fees, labor costs, etc. , since we know that the investment costs are mainly spent in these aspects, then as to how much investment, in fact, is also related to these aspects.

First of all, say brand joining fee, this fee is not standard, nor is every brand joining fee is the same, how little, more than a hundred thousand, less tens of thousands, of course, there are many brands are not required to join the fee, that is, 0 yuan, the actual brand joining fee is how much, determined by the brand, and investors choose the brand joining fee is low, then will reduce investment costs, especially the choice of the brand franchise fee, but will not increase investment costs, but will help investors to control the cost.

Next, said the site rent, this rental cost change is still quite large, the impact of factors are also many, especially the economic level of different cities and different degrees of prosperity of the location, the biggest difference is the first-tier cities and rural areas, perhaps the same area, but need to pay the difference in the site rent in 5000-10000 yuan, so choose expensive rental costs or cheap rental costs, see their choice.

In addition, amusement equipment, the overall cost of opening children's playground is the highest cost of amusement equipment, of course, amusement equipment is mainly related to area and quality and style, play, and investors choose amusement equipment is more quality-oriented, and the size of the area, but also determine how much amusement equipment configuration, so how much children's park investment and amusement equipment can not be separated from the relationship.

Finally, some decoration costs, for some choose to open in the shopping center children's park, area of more than 300m2, this belongs to the middle and high-end consumption, the general decoration style is mainly theme style, this kind of decoration costs are very high, coupled with decoration materials are also more expensive, so the overall decoration style is higher, hundreds of thousands are very likely, but for some simple decoration, may be tens of thousands or so.

Open indoor children's park investment is related to the above analysis of these aspects, the cost of opening children's park investment is not high, nor is it low, but need reasonable, reasonable investment in order to maximize the benefits.

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