How is a small children's playground planned? How much planning misunderstandings have been mastered
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2021-05-31 17:40:02
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Small children's playground area of about 100 square meters, this small children's park is more third- and fourth-tier cities or townships and rural areas, especially now townships and rural areas in the rise, 100 square meters of small children's playgrounds are tailored for townships and rural areas, there is not enough capital costs, no strong team support, so investors should look at small children's parks, then small children's parks how to plan, in the planning process need to avoid what misunderstandings?

How is a small children's playground planned? How much planning misunderstandings have been mastered

Because the small children's park size is relatively small, so pay more attention to planning, reasonable planning, even if the area is small, you can see the feeling of large area, unreasonable planning, even if the area is larger, still see the feeling of small area, so, reasonable planning, more important for small children's park, before reasonable planning, we must first face up to planning errors, in order to better planning.

Don't be greedy for more

100 square meters of children's playground in the area has certain restrictions, especially some large-scale amusement equipment, failed to put down a few, some investors, this play equipment also like, that play equipment also like, the result is that the children's park is very crowded, so that consumers are very uncomfortable, long time, will lead to consumer boredom, not to say that children's playground play equipment more can attract children, only in reasonable circumstances, to achieve a certain effect, tailoring is the right way.

The subject matter is clear

Many children's playgrounds have plagiarism phenomenon, not integrated into their own children's park characteristics, homogenization of the case, the newly opened children's park with what will be paid for by consumers, now, children's playgrounds are numerous, small children's playgrounds are many, no characteristics of the park, difficult to maintain.

How does a children's playground work to be a master and highlight the theme? First of all to understand the local customs and characteristics, as well as the current popular elements, in the design, these features and elements into the design, and in the promotion of the time, focus on the theme of small children's playground, just like the Dingding Cat Children's Park well-known brand, Tinker Bell Cat is a brand word, focus on promoting Tinker Bell Cat, a long time, we know that Tinker Bell Cat is a children's park to join the brand, in fact, this is also a culture and label.

With a personal feeling

Many investors in the planning of small children's playground, did not do market research, not to mention professional team guidance, all by personal feeling, choose play equipment is investors like, not children like, to know the age of investors and children's age gap, in the decision-making, the most afraid is to feel good about themselves, in fact, children's park planning, focus on children, so the play equipment is also tailored for children, whether it is play equipment, and location, Renovation and many other aspects, everything is around consumer demand-oriented, such small children can only maximize the benefits.

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