Summer vacation will come soon, you are not going to open a children's playground?
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2021-05-29 19:24:55
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Summer vacation is a relatively long summer vacation for students, about 1-2 months time, you know, holidays are children's paradise peak season, especially summer vacation and winter vacation this longer holiday, but also children's park operation Golden Week, it can also be said that in between the summer vacation, is the peak of the opening of children's park, many investors are busy preparing, hope to open in the summer vacation, create good results, you do not count the opening of a children's park? Now start preparations, just in time for the summer vacation money to open, perhaps after the summer vacation, children's park has been able to earn back the money.

Summer vacation will come soon, you are not going to open a children's playground?

How to open a children's playground

In fact, the opening of children's park is also quite simple, the premise is that there is a professional franchise brand support, there are many franchise brands in the market, whether it is operating mode or protection mechanism is very mature and perfect, so make many franchisees success rate is very high, open children's park the whole process: pre-market research - venue selection - purchase amusement equipment - decoration design - procedures - store publicity - opening preparation, from the opening to the opening, Sqv wholeheartedly for you to protect.

How much does it cost to open a children's playground?

For this question, there has never been a unified answer, investors in consultation with this question, first of all to determine where children's playground, how much area, children's park positioning, each children's park investment costs are different, such as large shopping center 500 square meters children's park, may need to prepare millions, such as township 100 square meters children's park, may need to prepare hundreds of thousands, such as first-tier city supermarket 200 square meters children's park may need to prepare about 20-30 million Of course, these are rough calculation, the specific amount, but also need to take the actual situation as the basis, investors can combine the funds in hand budget, reasonable planning of a suitable children's park, so better.

Where is the children's playground better?

All along, the location is a headache for investors, investors in the choice of location, should be in terms of traffic, transportation, surrounding business system, consumer spending power, rent and other comprehensive considerations, business center, shopping centers, large supermarkets, community areas, kindergartens around, along the street, children's shop surrounding, etc. , according to their actual needs, choose the right location, remember, the flow of people is money flow.

Is children's playground profitable?

As we all know, children's park investment costs do not have a unified standard answer, then profit is also the same, in fact, how much profit, not only with the choice of brand, but also with investors' business skills related to children's park to obtain high profits, is inseparable from joining the brand's help, can not be separated from the benefits of joining the brand, quickly open the local children's park market, so that children's park faster on the right track, in order to faster capital back to the original, in order to achieve faster profitability, but also need to combine the ability of investors, Management and decision-making capabilities are also critical, and competent operators will find ways to increase the profitability model of children's playgrounds to meet more consumer demand, thereby increasing store revenues.

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