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How to run a small children's playground?
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2021-05-28 19:02:44
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Children's paradise has always been a popular entrepreneurial project, not only because of small investment, big returns, or because of the ease of late-stage operation, low technical content, whether it is the investment of financially constrained entrepreneurs, or inexperienced entrepreneurs, investment in children's playground is a more ideal project, children's playground is more common Small children's playground, and distribution is also relatively extensive, small towns and villages in large cities every corner, have its foothold, especially some only more than 100,000, but also inexperienced and want to start an investor, choose a small children's park as a starting point for entrepreneurship, is it a more insurance practice, is it a small children's park better to operate?

How to run a small children's playground?

To be honest, small children's playgrounds are indeed better than medium and large children's parks, because of the small size, spending energy and time is not much, and small children's playgrounds due to the limitations of the area, the amusement equipment inside is generally small projects, small projects occupy small area, small and delicate, shapes and shapes, play many, better security, easier to attract children and parents, sparrows are small, but there is still market competition, but also for investors to create more profit.

Small children's park management skills and means and large children's park business skills are different, after all, the size, positioning is also different, small children's park positioning is in the low-to-middle end, this small children's park location is also different, whether it is a small children's park, or medium-sized children's park, or large children's park, targeted work and planning children's park, is better management.

Small children's park size of about 100 square meters, standing in the investment point of view, more suitable for the economic development of third- and fourth-tier cities and townships, you can choose some people flow more vigorous location, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, neighborhoods, kindergartens around and the same mode of stores.

Now a lot of amusement equipment, but also more advanced, many amusement equipment are integrated into high-tech, in the choice of amusement equipment, to focus on the volume, small volume of amusement equipment, in order to configure a variety of amusement equipment, like three or four-tier cities of small children's playgrounds, many are To naughty castle-based, on the one hand, high security, playability is also relatively high, such as slides, ocean ball pool, interactive ball, sand pool, handmade DIY, octopus, small turntable, Trojan horse and so on, the specific site planning is how, If you have no experience, you can find a professional team to plan, Kachile's franchise site planning is tailor-made, can avoid homogenization with competitors children's playgrounds, such children's playgrounds in the market more convincing, more attractive.

No matter how big the children's park, just opened a few months, children are curious about the children's park, so many children's park early business is very good, but after a period of time, business began to fade, not because of bad, but children tired of playing, so, children's park can not always rely on amusement equipment to attract, investors should carry out more special activities, such as, now more popular parent-child activities, as well as some creative courses, are more attractive to parents and children, This will not only enhance the popularity of children's playgrounds, but also increase the interest, the focus is that this can guarantee the income of children's playgrounds.

Small children's park income is based on ticket revenue and membership card income, from the profit model, is relatively single, but also because of the area, also not suitable to increase too many services, but some of the smaller area, or can be increased, such as toys, food, beverages, etc. for sale, or can, profit model, the easier it is to increase income, but it is important to note that considering whether the area is reasonable, too crowded but not effective.

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