Opening a children's playground can save you money on investment in these areas
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2021-05-17 19:47:57
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Speaking of children's park investment costs, is a very hot topic, if you can plan children's park, if you can effectively and reasonably save investment costs, this is the most happy thing for investors, spend money in the place of spending, spend money in a reasonable position, do not waste investment, not only to save investment costs, but also shorten the cycle of children's park return, but also reduce investment risk, in addition, can also reduce later operating pressure, especially in terms of rent.

Opening a children's playground can save you money on investment in these areas

As long as you open a brick-and-mortar store, then you need space, and the area of children's park is generally about 100 square meters, such an area for children's park is relatively small, but standing on the scale, 100 square meters of area to pay rent is not low, especially some busy areas, are in 10,000 units, but the location of the general bustling area to open children's park, is indeed for children's park to create a lot of revenue, for this situation, the choice of this site is worth it, For those who rent expensive location, but bring very little income, this location is not worth investing in, rent expensive useless, the key also have to bring income, the purpose of opening a shop is to have income.

Speaking of children's park to save investment costs, but also from the children's park reasonable planning to save costs, we know whether the planning is reasonable, can save costs, children's park planning, especially in the amusement equipment this piece, the current children's park the biggest investment cost is amusement equipment, amusement equipment is not put more the better, nor put less and more cost-saving, but according to the shape of children's park and the shape of play equipment, some children's playground amusement equipment layout can be completed, the result spent hundreds of thousands This is the reason why there is no reasonable planning.

Amusement equipment has a certain life time, of course, this is related to the maintenance of peacetime, some amusement equipment used 5-6 years are okay, some amusement equipment used 1-2 years on the bad, bad nature to update new amusement equipment, natural to re-spend a sum of money, and amusement equipment expensive, generally in the process of operation, need to maintain the amusement equipment, as far as possible to extend the use of time cycle, reduce the frequency of replacement, thus saving costs.

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