The supermarket next to the children's playground generally how many square meters suitable
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2021-05-15 12:11:28
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Is there a business in the children's playground next to the supermarket? Because children's park is a very promising project, so when choosing a project, will be to the children's park thinking, the supermarket can be said to be a gathering place, no matter which city's supermarket, large supermarket is also good, small supermarket is good, supermarkets around are not lack of all kinds of shops, especially large supermarkets, but also many tall buildings, rich people are also many, natural consumption is more, children's consumption is more willing, but often take children to spend, but often with children to spend, I think such excellent conditions? How many square meters is more suitable for the development of the location.

The supermarket next to the children's playground generally how many square meters suitable

Many people think that the supermarket open children's playground is profitable, then next to the supermarket? Whether in the supermarket or next to open a children's playground, in the case of adequate traffic, but also to ensure that competitors should not be too much, such as the supermarket inside a children's playground, then there is also a children's playground next to the supermarket, although there is a competitive relationship, but this competitive relationship can exist, there is no progress without competition, inside and next to open a children's park have different advantages, such as opening a children's playground next to, exposure is higher than opening a children's playground inside, Consumers will pass by or see the children's playground next to them before entering the supermarket, the exposure is high, then the selectivity will be high.

Like the supermarket this kind of prime location, the flow of people is not lacking, open the door to do business, some people will have business, there are many parents like to put children into children's playground to play, go shopping, so it is more relaxed, plus supermarkets are generally car park, now family access to transport is private cars, so more convenient for parents to bring children in and out, children's paradise business also has a certain degree of improvement.

Supermarkets pay more attention to brand development, especially large supermarkets, brand atmosphere is heavier, whether it is quality, image, decoration style are high-end, so in the opening of a children's park franchise advantages than their own open higher, for promising projects, there is no shortage of the possibility of making money.

As far as large supermarkets are concerned, the consumption level is above medium and high, so the cost of all aspects of children's park investment is higher, and in terms of area, it is best to be more than 300 square meters, if it is a small supermarket, consumption level is low and medium, the flow of people is more moderate, then in the specifications of 100-300 square meters, for children's park open how many square meters suitable, the best way is through investigation, observation of the surrounding flow of people and children, to plan the area of children's park, this is the most appropriate. Such an area is ideal.

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