Children's Naughty Castle Operation: Why do I run Naughty Castle and don't make money?
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2021-05-18 20:36:03
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Often see a lot of investors in the discussion: Why do I run Naughty Castle do not make money, others run Naughty Castle business full? Is it the legendary character problem? Say this answer, is undoubtedly to give themselves an excuse not to make money, the same project, their own business does not make money, others operate to make money, then the problem appears in their own body, in the Naughty Fort project in a good environment, the ability of investors to operate is more important, in the final analysis your naughty castle does not make money, many are caused by the operation. Investors need to learn their lesson and try to do their best.

Children's Naughty Castle Operation: Why do I run Naughty Castle and don't make money?

Why don't I make money from the naughty castle I run? There are many reasons, such as the location of choice is more remote, there is no direct access to a variety of means of transport, the commercial system is not perfect, the flow of people is few, rent is an inch of gold and so on. Such as the choice of play equipment ugly appearance, old style, poor quality, homogenization and so on. Such as the choice of decoration style can not make people happy, no features and so on. Such as poor service attitude, such as Naughty Castle Children's Park ticket prices are higher, such as do not do publicity promotion, such as do not do promotional activities, such as choose to join the brand is not good enough, visibility, influence, word-of-mouth, joining costs are too high, these are the reasons for operating naughty castle do not make money, if you do not make money in the Naughty Castle phenomenon, then you can check from these aspects, naturally know, operating naughty castle do not make money, then want to do more from these aspects of the Naughty Castle to make money, we must do more from these steps.

According to Skwy's many years of Naughty Castle market experience, to make money naughty castle, need to do so, a commodity can get a good market response, quality is critical, so high-quality naughty can be based in the market, stand firm, Naughty Castle Children's Park to eliminate low-quality amusement equipment, keep the park clean, with high-quality service to win the hearts and trust of consumers.

"Features" outstanding creativity, whether in decoration, or in amusement equipment, to feature as an advantage, to absorb many children and parents, in the operation of naughty castle not only to attract children, but also to attract parents, so Naughty Castle children's park management is a double assessment.

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