No one's playing in the country? Can't you make money opening a children's playground in the countryside?
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2021-05-14 10:16:14
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No one's playing in the country? Many investors choose to open children's playgrounds in rural areas, but also more worried about this problem, after all, the number of rural population and big cities can not be compared, economic consumption is also impossible to compare, but at present many rural consumption is gradually increasing, life is guaranteed, to meet the needs of children, or within the limits of power, but also It is because of this, investors choose to develop children's playgrounds in rural areas, relative to large cities, rural children's parks are few, many places are under development, from the market development potential, rural children's playgrounds are a certain market, if there are no children to play, then there may be amusement parks there is a certain unreasonable situation.

No one's playing in the country? Can't you make money opening a children's playground in the countryside?

We know that the countryside is generally dominated by children and the elderly, and the number of children is not many, if the number of children to consider, the countryside is very suitable for opening children's playgrounds, and can ensure the stability of the source of visitors.

If said, the countryside opened an amusement park no one to play, then it is most likely because of the consumption capacity problem, the rural economy is relatively backward, for high prices of goods, is unable to afford, but if the price is relatively moderate, in the scope of consumers bear, the price of rural amusement park tickets is 15-20 yuan per time, such a price is more attractive to consumers, but in pricing, it is best to refer to competitors, if there is no special features, it is best not to high and low competitors, people are so, Wherever it is cheap, especially in rural areas, residents spend it.

Now many of the countryside are urbanized, many are King Kong cement road, the road cars are more and more, for children to play outside, is a more dangerous thing, not to mention now children have a special parental care, care is more thoughtful, children are rarely have the opportunity to play on the roadside, so, open a children's amusement park is still very popular. In addition to areas with very poor economies, most rural parents are still very likely to let their children spend in children's amusement parks.

Opening a children's playground in the countryside is not to say that no one to play, also does not mean that can not make money, if you want to open a children's park in the countryside, but also need to do a good job of market research, reasonable pricing, scientific management, say not to make money is impossible, now the rural children's park is in the initial stage, I believe that in a few years, will be like the development of children's playgrounds in big cities so mature, while there are not many competitors, there is no great competitive pressure, open children's playground.

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