Why is children's playground always in the shopping center?
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2021-05-13 07:57:17
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Every weekend, many shopping centers and shopping malls of children's playgrounds can be described as "overcrowded", even if some newly opened retail department stores and other relatively scarce shopping malls, its new children's playground, children's industry area, can become the most popular place in the entire shopping mall. Children's park to the shopping malls, is the family stay longer, the overall consumption, of course, there is a higher harvest to catch the children is to trap adults, increase the proportion of children's business, is becoming more and more shopping malls of the new trick of smoking.

Today, a large child population will become a huge driving force for the development of the children's business, which drives household consumption in the form of "1 plus N". After 70, 80 is still the shopping center's main stream customers, this part of the population not only consumption can be strong, and the focus of household consumption gradually shifted to future generations. With the opening up of the two-child policy, the huge child population will become a great driving force for the development of the children's business. So, why indoor children's playgrounds like to open shopping centers, in fact, the reason is very simple, then to understand it!

First, the transformation of the industry. The real economy has been hit by e-commerce, and sales in traditional department stores and shopping centres are being tested. With the development of retailing, children's business is becoming an important part of the business mix. In the layout of the commercial industry, the children's business mode plays the role of crowd traction on the project. Children's amusement park has the role of driving passenger flow, and can not be replaced by e-commerce, gradually by the mainstream commercial real estate developers as supermarkets, cinemas and fast fashion after the new main mode of business. Therefore, Vanke, Poly, Guiguiyuan, Evergrande, Wanda, Shimao and other powerful developers have almost all dabbled in children's amusement park, for children's amusement park to provide many very superior venues, so that the development of children's amusement park to a higher level.

Shopping center provides many excellent places for children's amusement park, which makes the development of children's amusement park to a higher level

Second, the advantages of shopping malls. Usually most parents are busy with work and don't have much time to spend with their children, so whenever they have free time, most families spend time with their children. And most of the family in the mall are "bring children to play, by the way to buy their own meals" state. Today, almost all large shopping malls have introduced children's amusement parks, covering retail, entertainment, photography, theme parks and other categories for children, and many businesses have increased their ratio. On the one hand, the gathering of children's business patterns has driven the popularity of large shopping malls and increased the flow of passengers. On the other hand, the gathering of related industries is also convenient for consumers, parents with children can complete a series of activities in one place, such as play, food and shopping, which also increases the appeal of large shopping malls children's amusement parks.

Third, the benefits are higher. Large shopping malls are positioned at the middle and high end, which also makes consumers more demanding and more expensive to invest. From the scale of the venue, large shopping malls children's amusement park area is more than 300 square meters, equipment needs to buy novel and interesting. In addition, the rent level of large shopping malls is higher than that of the same area, so more investment costs are required. But the mall's children's amusement park is a one-off investment, that is, after paying rent and equipment fees, there is no need for much investment later. A well-run children's amusement park must earn more than 100,000 a month. As can be seen, children's amusement parks operate in large shopping malls, and the profits are really high. Large shopping malls have high level of customer consumption, strong willingness to consume, belong to high-quality customers. But in the shopping malls to open children's amusement park should pay attention to clear objectives, to achieve differentiated management, the best to do cross-border operations.

However, to open children's amusement parks in shopping malls, we should pay attention to clear objectives, achieve differentiated management, and best achieve cross-border management.

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