Take stock of the four safety rules of the children's playground
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2021-05-12 11:37:39
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Holidays come, there will be many parents with children to travel, children's playground will usher in a peak period. At the same time, the holiday is also a high incidence of various accidents, we are having fun at the same time to pay attention to safety, I hope we all spend a safe and pleasant holiday. Here's a summary of the four safety rules for children's playground play.

First, choose safe children's play equipment to play. In the face of the playground's varied amusement equipment, in order to better protect safety, we should be targeted to choose amusement equipment to play.

Take stock of the four safety rules of the children's playground

Second, follow the command and arrangement of playground staff. When there are many people, staff may temporarily take some evacuation measures in view of safety concerns, and we should cooperate fully.

Third, according to the child's age and height to choose the appropriate play items. We can refer to the introduction written above the rides and visitors' notes to select suitable items based on the child's age and height.

Fourth, make adequate preparations to play. 1. It is best to choose some lighter clothing for your child, 2. Be careful not to wear strappy shoes for your child, so as not to scatter the shoelaces and any accidents, and 3. Choose a good day to go out and play.

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