Children's playground business homogenization, how to solve?
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2021-05-11 15:58:48
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With the development of economy and the improvement of people's material level, the development of children's play industry is a good situation, attracting numerous investors. However, in such a good situation, the operation of children's playground has a serious problem of homogenization. In order to avoid the development of children's play industry is in trouble, we need to take some measures to break through the bottleneck of homogenization of children's playground franchise operation. So where should we start?

First, clear age orientation. Children of different ages and different requirements for play, in a broad sense, children can be divided into the following stages:

0-3 years old. Children at this stage have initially acquired the experience of life and are beginning to learn to control their actions. They often play alone and feel what's around them through every sense of the body. Children at this stage are suitable for playing with sand, dirt, water, swings and slides accompanied by their parents.

3-6 years old. Children at this stage are beginning to become socially conscious, and they often participate in multiplayer games to develop their relationships. Children at this stage like to play swings, slides and other sports equipment.

Children's playground business homogenization, how to solve?

6-8 years old. Children at this stage are more likely to play activities or exercises that improve their organizational abilities and enhance their physical strength. They like to test their agility by climbing simple or complex structures.

8-10 years old. Children at this stage are growing up to be teenagers, able to play multiplayer games alone without parental supervision or intervention, and able to follow the rules of the game. They like to show their balance and ability to cooperate on more complex climbing equipment.

Second, determine the core positioning. The so-called core positioning, that is, refers to the core project of children's park. As we all know, all successful marketing is a point-to-face to promote the expansion of the process, we only do a point of professional, fine, fine, through, our children's playground will have characteristics or characteristics, will attract consumer interest.

Safety and hygiene. Parents in the choice of children's playground is undoubtedly the safety of children and the health of the park. Consumer concern is that we should pay attention to and study the subject, security issues are difficult to say, simple and simple, the solution is nothing more than to choose safe and reliable amusement equipment, improve the quality of staff service, maintain a comfortable and healthy play environment, the key lies in whether the operator is attentive.

Fourth, improve the quality of service. (1) The appearance of the instrument is generous. (2) Keep the park clean and beautiful, do a good job of pre-store product display inspection. (3) adjust the mentality, that is, no matter how the mood before opening the shop, after opening the store to maintain a good state of best, to leave a good first impression on customers.

Children's playground business homogenization, how to solve?

Fifth, marketing planning. Internet age park management can not be separated from marketing planning, practical marketing methods are many, such as to the nearby kindergarten, primary school free distribution of consumer tickets for diversion;

Six, upgrade updates. Good play equipment, good experience projects, if it has been the same, over time, children's interest in it will certainly decline. Therefore, children's playground should update the amusement equipment in a timely manner, appropriately introduce some excellent amusement projects, to maintain children's interest in amusement equipment.

Seven, crisis awareness. "Born of worry, died of peace", at any time the sense of crisis for enterprises are indispensable. To remain competitive by maintaining a sense of crisis. In the face of increasingly competitive children's playground joining the market, operators should be at risk, proactive, timely update and upgrade amusement equipment, improve service quality, rich playground marketing planning programs.

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