Four common marketing methods for children's playgrounds
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2021-05-05 08:01:35
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The development situation of the amusement industry is very good, attracting many investors to invest in children's park, how to make their paradise stand out among a group of competitors? Publicity and marketing can be said to be critical, so how should children's playground operators conduct park marketing? Take a look!

1. Member marketing. Member marketing is a common way of marketing children's playground, operators for members to provide early trial play, points exchange and other member rights and interests, in order to promote the member customers of multiple consumption. Through the membership platform, we can establish contact with customers, in the long run, can improve customer stickiness, cultivate loyal customers.

Four common marketing methods for children's playgrounds

2. Campaign marketing. Chinese has always attached great importance to the festival, so we can according to the holiday planning to hold the corresponding activities to market, such as children's day, National Day, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals can be carried out during some characteristics of the festival activities, in the weekend can plan some parent-child puzzle theme activities. Use children's playgrounds to create an exclusive holiday experience for kids to engage consumers. In addition, the park can cooperate with children's performance institutions, kindergartens and so on, regularly in the children's playground to hold children's talent show, fun games and other forms of activities, but also play a good marketing effect.

3. Experience marketing. When the park opens, park operators can invite parents and children from nearby to the park for a free experience. The first-hand experience of parents and children is the park's most powerful marketing tool, and experience marketing during the opening period allows us to quickly open up the market in a short period of time.

Four common marketing methods for children's playgrounds

4. Low season marketing. Children's park industry also has off-season and high season, in general, the holiday period is the park peak season, and usually when the traffic is relatively small, we will implement the off-season discount promotion strategy, the common operation has tickets to play all items, set up sets of tickets, monthly tickets, multi-person relief and so on.

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