Children's Playground: How does the 100 square children's park operate?
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2021-05-04 07:54:34
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Whether in big cities or small cities, because of the safety of children, 90 percent of parents want to live in or around a safe and free children's playground, parents have time, can take children to play, in fact, from the perspective of parents, parents on the area of children's park is not much requirements, 100 square is good, 200 square is good, as long as children's playground play equipment safety, service management is better, charges Moderate, then parents are more willing to consume, and stand in the child's point of view, the child's requirements are simple, innovative equipment, fun, good-looking appearance, then can attract the eyes of children, a successful children's playground, not only to stand in the perspective of parents to think about the problem, but also from the child's point of view to think about the problem, then 100 square meters of children's playground operation is multi-faceted, in order to meet the needs of children at the same time to meet the needs of parents, a net is more children's playground needs to do.

Children's Playground: How does the 100 square children's park operate?

In fact, many people see children's playground this industry's profit is very large, the profit can attract the attention of many investors, so that the competition of children's park will be very fierce, children's park operating pressure is also relatively large, if investors do not have business experience, then children's park to excel in the fierce competition is more difficult, to get rich returns is also more difficult.

100 square meters of scale, in terms of area, belongs to small and medium-sized children's park, small and medium-sized children's park is relatively easy to operate, not like large-scale children's park management is more difficult, because the area is small, so in the location of the selectivity is relatively high, the probability of being able to choose a good location is very high. Because of the small area, so amusement equipment generally choose small amusement equipment, in amusement equipment, small equipment than large equipment more attractive, more cost-effective. Because of the small size, the staff asked for 1-2. Because of its small size, it is more convenient to decorate, and the small and delicate storefronts are more attractive.

As the saying goes, a good shop can save a third of the energy of operation, a good shop mainly from which aspects of the embodiment? Nothing but site selection, amusement equipment, decoration, services, etc. , from the sqv of Henan, Sichuan, Jiangxi and other regions to join the operating situation, second- and third-tier city children's park than the first-tier city profit margins are greater, the development potential is higher, so investors can choose to open children's park from the second and third-tier cities.

100 square meters of children's playground because of the small area, so in the planning of amusement equipment, need to make reasonable use of each square meter of space, as far as possible to maximize 100 square meters of space, as far as possible to give consumers to this children's park area is not small, amusement equipment rich feeling.

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