Small and medium-sized children's playgrounds have prospects for development?
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2021-05-06 10:12:18
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Small and medium-sized children's playgrounds are more promising than large ones? More development opportunities? When children's playground once again stand in the wind, small and medium-sized children's park construction boom re-emerged, so that children's entertainment venues will usher in explosive growth, why say small and medium-sized children's park than large children's playground more promising? In the group of investment children's playground, most of them are individual investors, investment funds are limited, and small and medium-sized children's playground is more suitable, there is nothing more suitable than more suitable.

In our impression, large-scale children's park area of thousands of square meters, in the face of such a large-scale children's park, investment costs are huge, and the opening of a short period of time to achieve the return of funds is more difficult, therefore, in the course of operation, must always maintain adequate financial protection, for such investment, is very risky, and investors need to have a certain degree of operational capacity.

Small and medium-sized children's playgrounds have prospects for development?

There are large children's playground operation needs to be configured from the media operation, creative design, quality service team, in addition to ensuring adequate capital investment, but also need to operate level and technical team are relatively high, for this situation, is novice or ordinary investors can not do things. In short, investment in large children's parks, investment threshold is higher, higher risk.

Small and medium-sized children's park not only into the first- and second-tier cities, is now marching to the third- and fourth-tier cities, even rural, township, for investors, is a rare opportunity to start a business, only you have a passion for entrepreneurship, then you have the opportunity to get a harvest in small and medium-sized children's parks. Hundreds of square meters of small and medium-sized children's playground for the location of a higher selectivity, as long as the area of 100 square meters can meet the opening of shops, as long as there is a certain amount of traffic can open stores.

Small and medium-sized children's playground in the area, although there is no large-scale children's park, limited accommodation, but for the rational planning of amusement equipment, combined with the personalized needs of parents, such a composite function of children's playground is more popular. Hundreds of square meters of children's playground, do not need millions of investment, as long as there is sufficient funds for equipment and post-operation can be, in short, hundreds of thousands of investment costs, such investment costs, more suitable for personal investment.

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