Children's playground opening advice: Is it okay to open a children's playground in a town?
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2021-05-04 07:48:27
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Is it okay to open a children's playground in a town? I believe that many people know that reform and opening up, many young people in townships are out to work, entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, in short, are running out, not to mention in the township children's playground, almost most of the people who stay in their hometown are elderly and children, but in recent years, with the strong support of the state to the townships, people's lives gradually improve Perhaps because of the pressure of life outside, perhaps because there are children at home concerned, perhaps because of that leaf or to the root, coupled with the entrepreneurial boom, so, with a lot of people back to the township entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is ultimately to choose projects, in the township children's playground can?

Children's playground opening advice: Is it okay to open a children's playground in a town?

From the children's park industry development situation to analyze, children's park first into the market is in the first and second-tier cities, from the earliest to the present all the way development, children's park market is gradually a mature trend, and many investors are crowded to a second-tier city, open children's park development space gradually full And, when a market reaches saturation state, investors will shift positions, first- and second-tier cities saturation, can earn three or four-tier cities, townships and rural areas are possible, can also be said to be a second-tier city saturation, for the sinking area made a good paving.

No need for the future, now, there are a lot of investors to target the township area, so now will open a children's playground is also very suitable, and because the township all aspects of the cost investment is relatively low, or very suitable for low-cost investment investors.

In the township because of the relationship between the regional population, opened children's park area of 100 square meters is more suitable, 200-300 square meters is also a relatively high-end children's park, considering the consumer's spending power, in the choice of equipment do not need to install too advanced or strong technology amusement equipment, such as naughty castle, sand pool this kind of play equipment is more suitable.

Because considering the lack of investors' business ability and business experience, the way to join is the best, preferably the kind of free to join the brand, while providing a variety of support policies of the brand, the best to provide business skills is to compare the development of township children's playgrounds.

In short, it is OK to open a children's playground in the township, if investors want to start a business in the township, then you can choose a children's playground to join, want to open a children's playground in the township, then investors need to prepare hundreds of thousands of funds.

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