Children's sense of professional experience
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2021-04-28 10:41:25
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Children are extremely curious about everything around them, they are like walking a million why, this society, the world of adult occupation, are full of curiosity and all kinds of whimsy.

Children's professional experience museum is a place where children can understand and contact the real world by simulating and experiencing adult's career and role

When we were young, when we asked adults what they thought was something that children shouldn't know, we often got the answer, "You're young and you don't understand this."

But is it another reasonable choice to portray the adult world for children in a different way than in the past?

Children's Career Experience Hall, the use of simulation scenes, for children to bring a highly appropriate social experience of life.

Scoway provides the design planning, construction and post-operation management of the children's professional experience site, and is committed to creating a corporate vision of "Children's Dream Town" that inspires wisdom, builds confidence and creates dreams for children and young people.

Children experience a variety of occupations in the corresponding career scene space, play and learn two-in-one, personally feel the understanding of society, experience the daily life of adults.

Children's professional experience Hall
Diversify your career experience

Children are able to play their preferred professional roles in the Children's Professional Experience Hall, such as white angels fighting the race against time and death; judges who represent fairness and justice; photographers who are good at keeping the light of the world alive... Wait a minute.

Children's professional experience Hall
Books ≠ life

It is often said that the book has its own golden house. The knowledge in the books is rich and varied, but... Life requires a sense of reality, and getting knowledge from books is far less than experiencing it in life.

In the children's professional experience space, let children play various professional roles, self-selection and results, and other children's communication, know what the responsibility is, learn to respect and care for others, understand the importance of mutual assistance and win-win situation.

More important is to develop children's ability to be independent and give them a healthy and happy learning space.

So let the child know the workplace early, cultivate team awareness, and have the correct concept of financial management, let the child experience the hard work of parents, learn to respect, considerate parents, with a grateful parent's filial piety and love for parents, family, society.

Children's professional experience such a place, not only let children experience life, understand how parents work, but also enable parents to recognize the blind spot of home education, then the choice of professional experience is a good attempt.

International interactive education platform, advanced educational concepts between China and the West, so that children in the process of professional experience, awareness of society, taste hardships, understand work, know how to share, learn to cooperate, so as to cultivate their courage and determination to overcome difficulties, improve their quality and quality in all aspects.

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